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after one whole year i spent some time traveling by trains again and saw some inspiring views

So there's a non-zero chance of me starting a webcomic (open it, the image is too tall)

Kasimir, the dhampir rogue! (commission for @.ShelfMadeMan on twitter)

Hello! I'm an digital and interested graphics .

I've included some of my work from my projects and my artwork. If you're interested in seeing more, please visit my website at!

I'm happy to be here on ! I'll be posting more of my art here but also whatever interesting and pretty graphics stuff I create :-)

Remember to welcome your new neighbours and help community engagement and participation ^.^

From the Getting Started column, click the Profile directory link, and then set 'new arrivals' and 'from only' to see who's signed up recently :bob_ross:

Inspiring artworks in florence. Dante and the botticelli 's venus in stencil version. Love it ♥️

We had a report from another instance that one of our accounts was posting everything in triplicate. I had a look at the account and their posts were each posted only once, so it was likely some federation issue sending things through three times - in case anyone else has seen the same behaviour ^.^

'Will You Remember Me?'

Art of my most recent artwork for the Zine. There has been harder artworks before, but this one drained me emotionally in only one week, I truly feel I surpassed myself and I want to share the process with you all.

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