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The forest didn't go quiet in her presence. It's like the animals didn't even know she was there. So neither did her mark.

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We recognize people by their whole face, not by any particular feature.

I’m not done with the suitcase poems,
or strawberries while watching the sun
flicker through the thick canopy. Summer is
an angry buzz in my chest
it’s a fire
in my cheeks and teeth on my lips. ‘
There are things I am done with like feeling empty
in the spaces between my fingers
where a whole life once rested. Or longing

8"x10" on mixed media wood panel. I used tattoo paper to transfer my digital work on to a wooden board and painted over some parts. Here are the results!

Mini-timelapse. I created a rough 3D model as the basis for this one to simplify getting the perspective right. I think it worked well!

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Hi! My name is Danny but I also go by Skunk. I'm a Communication arts major at VCU studying with the goal of entering the games industry. I'm still very early into my education, but here is some of my work!

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