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@mardelvallearts @Algot Yeah, keep replying to the last one you made - replying to the reply as you go along :)


Boosts are appreciated!

What I’ll offer: Traditional mixed media paintings (watercolor, ink) with simple to no background
- Headshot -> 30$ USD
- Full Body -> 57$ USD
Prices may differ for brazilian commissioners and etc. Get in contact!

Payment: Paypal or national alternatives

Contact me:
-Email me for the whole exchange:
-DM me if you have any questions.

More info below!

Hey! my first toot here :coffee_mug: (i arrived from another server, do i repost here everything i had there?)

i was going for the but... this was waaay more than 2 min (like an hour, maybe?), but good practice i haven't had in a while. Thank you @Curator for the challenge :bob_ross:

What got you into your creative hobbies? Did you see something that you wanted to try making yourself? Was it a special film or a book? A desire to create worlds, characters, situations - be they written or drawn? A love of a certain composer?

WIP of something im slowly working on between work and projects.

i joined some people on a two weeks long swimming trip. during the night we were swimming the length of some river or canal near the sea, and during the day we visited cities on the bank and slept under the trees. the night sky and sunrises were breathtaking, especially combined with the deep dark water. they were nothing special for my companions, who go on such trips often, but for me it was once in a lifetime sight

Gonna have commissions again, here and there!

Info & TOS:
Submission Form:

Sharing is highly appreciated! 👽💜
Feel free to start/reach out in DMs.

Evolution, a little game I used to play as a kid with paper and pencil. Now I do it with pixel art!

Start with a simple creature and change it slowly. See what you can create :D

blue monochrome 2 minutes #sketch suggested by @Curator (thank you).
Des cailloux, de la flotte et des nuages, tout ça d'une seule couleur... pas évident. J'aurais peut-être dû choisir le petit arbre sur le rocher...
Stylo plume Lamy
Prochaine #newsletter dans 3 jours

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