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morgie: "he looks like an isekai protagonist"
me: "he's just an utterly average normal guy!"
morgie: "exactly"

Second: Metabolist is looking to commission its first mascot!

Metabolist will pay $100 USD to an artist #onhere for a mascot that will be this account's header image for the month of May.

This month's theme: 🐻 A Bear 🐻

More info at


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Good morning! We could finally go out for a walk on Easter. Perfect timing. It was a bit cold but we were observing Spring signs everywhere.

[cold wind and diziness in the head]

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[ 👩‍⚕️] — Amityyyyy~ Been playing around with a looser lineart style/method. One I like to look at, but is more loose/free to execute. Y'know. For comic-y stuff!

This is as far as I got on last week's stream with my next view of Teliopolis. Thursday night I will be finishing+coloring it. Also in the coming months I am hoping to post more of my writing for this setting and put some more of my process out there. The recent focus on design documents is because after a year of learning CGI to the point of doing it for my day job I wanted to get back to cartooning a bit and have a solid foundation for when I dip back into the technical side of things.

Here's your photo for today!

If you'd like a challenge, paint it in a Fauvism style (Look at André Derain and Henri Matisse); bold, bright colours and strong shapes.

Happy art-ing! :bob_ross:


Three loose portraits in ink and acrylic paint. I think I'll cut them into quarters and make postcards out of them - what do you think? Good idea? Or bad?

Bulbasaur multiplied !
I decided to give both hand drawn eyes using a rubber mat as a base.
We'll see if this approach works with umbreon, but I don't have black paint for its pupils.

Still I am very happy with this result - which bulbasaur do you like most?

Preview of something I’ve been working on (omg drawing for the first time in a year!)

Another bunny painted with liquid graphite (while it feels like charcoal) for the newest video.

I can't express enough how satisfying it is to me to work without a pencil drawing. Something's off? Go with it. Mistakes are part of the process and finished artwork. It's a bit messy, but that's fine. The lines are wild. The shapes bold. There are no rules given by myself to hold on to. It feels like freedom. I paint shadows to create light. I'm in love with the process.

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