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some line art from a watercolor sketch I am working on.

Once I get the courage to finish it I will post the final product.

For me at least art block is mostly fear of failing

If you had to pick only 2 colors to draw/color with forever, what would you choose?

@Curator what a fun idea!

Here is my work space along with my art buddy for the day who is so very helpful!

It's very messy currently but I like it I'm currently working in my sketchbook and am doing a paint by number to relax. My cat is keeping me company her name is Jazzabell

Afternoon everyone, I was learning how to draw a new cartoony style. Might still need some improvements but for now I like it '-')b

What's your favourite surface to work on, if you're a creator who paints/draws? Mine is smooth-heavyweight paper, particularly this kind pictured. I have pads in three sizes XD I love the super smooth surface of hotpress paper too, but I've found it's difficult to use an eraser on if I'm lifting up pencil after doing inkwork - the top layer of the paper starts breaking off.

Came across a tree on the way home yesterday and decided to attempt a basic version of it.


@Curator I just saw it now! Oh dear...

Almost everything that I do I do on my desk, and probably in my computer

Certainly a messy desk

You can see my pc, many glasses, some socks where I keep more glasses, some aquarel material

@Curator What a fun prompt! Thanks to everyone who shared a glimpse into their creative spaces. =)

I like to keep my workspace relatively clear. It helps me focus on my task at hand. I keep my pens and other crafting materials stored away when I'm not actively using them. (My camera lives nearby, but was used to take this photo.)

I push aside the peripherals to make room, as needed. I have a new keyboard arriving soon; hopefully a tablet will be added to my toolkit, too!

@Curator New photo with a bit of a different perspective just after I finished work for today (not an artist as a day job). And another picture even further away (other corner of my living room) - what would you call that little office nook? In german it's called "Erker" and I thought the english word oriel would be the correct translation for that, but I'm not sure.

The drawers have 'stuff' - all those pencil cases are colouring pens (Copics, Faber Castell, etc.). The roll up holds less used drawing pens. Ink collection (mostly metallics/pearlescent) in the first drawer. Also in the drawers are gouache, watercolours, palettes, big tin of Prismacolor Premiere pencils, stencils, Copic refills, twine, various types of glue and glazes, anything vaguely art-related that I probably never use and should throw out XD

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Now that the ownership transfer is official and everyone knows who I am, I can share my desk without people going 'Hey wait a minute...' ☺️

My most used drawing pens are in the mug on the right, the purple pencil case has my 'tools' (compasses (compii? 🤔 ), protractor, etc), misc colouring pens and pencils in the pen holder, and all my pads up to A4 size in the vertical trays.


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Here's your image of the day! Use it as sketching practice, reproduce it in your own style, incorporate it in something bigger, or just be inspired by it ^.^

Share your creations! <3


:mastoart: :bob_ross:

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