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hello! not so productive time for me now 😅 i'd been drawing one piece for three weeks and had to quit it because it was impossible to fix..

and this work was like an "anchor" for me - when i stuck and need to relax - i return to it and calm down
also i watched tenet and fell in love with soundtrack from it! 💔 I really hope to draw something with these tracks!

sorry for the quality.. miss my scanner so much///

Working on drawing the PCs from that OTHER new DnD game I've joined: here be PowderRune's plundercat, Zephaniah.

Hey, folks! Are you doing OCtober this month?

Try using the hashtag [#]OC_tober instead to keep track of everything! That way, people searching for generic [#]october tags won't confuse your posts. :)

Or, keep doing your thing! Take care all, and happy art-ing. :bowie_stardust:

Submissions are open for 🔥 Comrade Himbo🔥 , an upcoming printed comics anthology about big-hearted, socially conscious hunks of all genders railing against the violence of capitalism (paid project) 💪

Today, I did 24 ink doodles of minerals and crystals. No pencil sketches, that's why they're a little messy. They don't look like much yet, but with a little watercolor, they might shine.

edgelord of my heart in the ServantFes event.... Manga is her passion! she's still learning german, though. LETTUCE means NEVER GIVE UP. ilu.

Whenever I don't know what to draw, Mrs Smbsy always suggests a bowl of fruit or a clown.

Here's a bowl of clowns.

Me: Sometimes I worry that all of my friends only exist on the internet.

*five minutes later my phone rings*

Clown Partner: "I'm downstairs from your apartment with my ukulele. Come out on your balcony so I can serenade you like Juliet."

I finally got around to making some acrylic pins! My first design is this little pink Beetle Bud!
If these guys sell well, you bet I'll be making some more pin designs!

Excited to have just laid down my first piano take for a colab with @randulo and @ics, but I feel obliged to remind the world that I'm not *actually* principally a pianist 🙂

I principally play , as attested to in this track (the first I tooted!):

I also get by okay with (it's really just a simplified clarinet 😉):

And lastly I can cover for a ballad or bossa, but wouldn't call it a main axe. @musicians

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