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I finally got around to making some acrylic pins! My first design is this little pink Beetle Bud!
If these guys sell well, you bet I'll be making some more pin designs!

Excited to have just laid down my first piano take for a colab with @randulo and @ics, but I feel obliged to remind the world that I'm not *actually* principally a pianist 🙂

I principally play , as attested to in this track (the first I tooted!):

I also get by okay with (it's really just a simplified clarinet 😉):

And lastly I can cover for a ballad or bossa, but wouldn't call it a main axe. @musicians

I've been playing a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn ever since it came out on PC. Everyone is so interesting in that game 😭

This might've only been a small study for something else 👀

good evening fedi i completely forgot to post last week's update here so y'all get a double whammy!!
read here:
or start from the beginning!

althel and zafim as vamps! love designing clothes so much! althel makes for a silly vamp cus she is such a stickler for rules and she doesnt know how to be lawful and good as vamp. She has to knock people out drink their blood and then carry them to their bed AND run AWAy. Zafim is a vampire hunter that althel NEED to convince that she is a good person.

Thinking about finally doing another painting in the latter half of this week, so here’s my first concept in my

Another colouring of an old drawing with my new Tombow alcohol markers ^.^

Two days ago, I wanted to paint some light-coloured eyelashes and it got slightly out of hand

You know I don't think i ever posted this finished sakura and kero-chan piece




Pronunciation /hɪərˈat/
As a result of this.

Skipped a day
It's gone away
I didn't play
So much as stray.

Hereat, today
I've come to say
I hope you'll think
That it's okay.

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