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Maintenance finished and all systems are back to normal. Any issues please let me know. Thanks 🐘

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Hello my lovely :mastoart:.ART-ists! :bowie_stardust:

Just a heads up, our lovely host @mastohost will be doing some server maintenance at 6:00 UTC that may result in ~15 mins of downtime of our instance.

More info here:

Take care! :bob_ross:

Big announcement!

As most of you know, @pollomostro created 200 Chick emoji. By popular demand, I have converted all of them to stickers!

If you're using Signal, you want these! Be the envy of your friends! Be respected by your enemies! Impress the Nobel prize committee!

Tongue tied? No worries! Let Chick express your feelings!

Be slick! Get Chick and

It's back to school time... back to RULE SCHOOL 👩‍🏫❗

Here's a periodic reminder of some of .Art's rules!

Content that has to be under a cw with description AND posted unlisted or private:
👉 Sexual acts
👉 Sexual nudity
👉 Kink art

Content that has to be under a cw with description but can be posted publicly:
👉 General nudity
👉 Gore/Blood/Violence

"I have a lot of art I want to share!"
Cool! But don't flood the local timeline, we want everyone to be seen. 😄


Hello my lovely -ists!

I thought you should all know, CETI is posting an open call to all artists, hackers, technologists, designers, and performers to submit to their Gallery of the Future Exhibitions. Check it out! :dali_persistance:

More info here:

Call for submissions:

painted more dark stormy ocean scenery. this is a great stress relief.

#art originals available for claiming!

minimum price is the postage fee (~2 dollars). anything else is up to you. if that's all you can pay, there's absolute NO SHAME. i still want to send you art :)

spread the word!


originais disponíveis para envio! é só pedir!

o preço mínimo é o valor da postagem (2-3 reais pra envio dentro do brasil). de resto é você quem manda. se a postagem é tudo que você pode pagar, não precisa ter nenhuma vergonha, eu ainda quero te mandar arte!

espalha espalha!

Tout beaux, tout chauds, bien imprimés et bien livrés chez moi :) ! 50 kg de livres !

A très vite pour le début des distributions !

#art #mastoart

Finished another square! This color variation is for the kids' grandmother ^_^


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