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Cool, let's refresh the pinned one :)

Oneiric painting, creature/character sketch, portrait, watercolor sketch... that's what I do.

Hi! I'm new on Mastodon, nice to meet you :3

Digital cell shading commission for The-Audience388 on DeviantART

OC art 

Also, today is the arbitrary day I picked to be my OC's birthday!

Here's a collection of art I've previously drawn of her, sometimes with my other OCs.

Bit o' bio:
Claire is the princess of the Halidom of Ylisse, eldest daughter of Exalt Morgan (not me) and Queen Cynthia, descendant of the Hero-King Marth, and heir to the throne of both Ylisse and the former Theocracy of Plegia.

She's not completely sure she's cut out for the responsibility of government, and finds royal life stifling.

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Shaky hand-held long exposure = moody black and white! XD

(Long exposure beach shot with low tide, still waters, and a rocky jetty jutting out into the water with a few boat masts visible)

My boys Cas🔷 and Vick💚

I'll get to drawing them without clothes later 👀 💦

One of my first watercolor paintings with my new equipment. what do you think? Does this style suit me? I'm happy about any feedback.

Saltwater Girlfriend [05.07.2019 to 05.24.2019, 05.08.2020 to 07.04.2020]
- — - — ~ — - — -
- HB, 4H Pencil on Printer Paper.
- Inked and colored in Autodesk Sketchbook.
- Background, text and effects done in Fireworks.

Process Videos:
- May:
- Star:
- Colors:

Tumblr Linkage:

Working on something a bit unusual! Can you guess who it is?

finally tried doodling bug in a non-ac style!! :3c (pencil sketches colored in csp)

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