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Ngl. Art has been a pretty big struggle for me for y'know some obvious reasons. But here's a super duper messy sketch.

Kinda mashed the idea of Sailor Moon redraws with Animal Crossing. :B I'm thinking about taking this to digital...

New OC, Cesare! An excitable -but kind of dazed atm- vampire boy who loves to collect maps

(please don't mind the odd facial proportions 🤡💦)

A pic for mermay. I know it isn't a fish body, but I see other people doing it with non-fish, so I think this should count

that drawing originally from 2019 but I painted over it / touched it up a bit?

Got some Mermaids done! Sweetie is drawn for the third year in a row, although I forgot her whip cream! I'm going to figure out how to add that detail since it's part of her design.

Happy everybody!

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✨ IDK WHAT TO MAKE will be a free pdf zine, and i am looking for submissions! ✨

i am imagining this zine as a survival guide for anyone who wants to make something but can’t figure out what. it will be divided into sections and i would love to fill it with as much inspiration as possible!

please send submissions to with the subject “IDK ZINE SUBMISSION” by june 30th. be sure to include how you want to be credited.

see this thread for more info, and please boost! 🖤

I'm making a small series of three paintings of the outer edge of my 2km #PHYSICALdistancing area.

All three are landscapes painted in portrait format, "cut off" at the edges. All three feature views of a human-made lake, surrounded by human-made forest, with #nature operating inside the frame.

This is the third and final finished #painting - the almost perfectly rectangular field of gorse across the lake caught my eye.

I will present a small exhibition for my neighbours soon.

#art #COVID19

more commission progress, i dig how this tracksuit thing is turning out

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