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Agents of the Realm is 6 years old today :') just in time to almost be caught up in the story, too! Did a wallpaper to celebrate. You can download it for freeeee here:

tfw you dress up as a sexy nurse to take care of your sick love interest but he becomes suspicious of you instead

This is continuation of my last piece. I drew them both back in November, I think ✨

Now he has three kinds of goslings!

p.s: I tried to differ each baby birds for comparison. You gotta find the difference though. Baby poultry are adorable til they grow up adults...

I've been chipping away at this bad boy for a year now and it's FINALLY done 😭 ilu Alexander

modified an leather bracelet. I took out the leather strap and replaced with a branded pattern that took me like a week to make.

Day 57

Letzter Livezig Tag
( hier das Programm )

Wir werden wieder Texturen zeichnen und gegen Mittag nochmal kurz Zeichnen als Beruf vorstellen :)

Streamstart ist 10:10

So black watercolour paper is a thing now. I've got some, that is 100% cotton and tried it for the first time now. The paints are some pastell colours mixed with a lot of white pigment. There will be reviews on paints and paper soon. Links in profile.

HEY GUYS! I had to cancel going to one of my biggest cons due to . I'm pretty reliant on print sales to tide me over atm! So aside from normal Etsy sales, I'm also selling the originals AND on-demand prints of my nsfw pieces!

-Originals are 7x10" in an 11x14" mat ($80+ shipping)
-Prints are 8.5x11" ($15+ shipping)

Full, uncensored versions can be found at !

If interested, DM me!

Tema: Coincidencia

Coincidencia es que siempre sea el príncipe (alto, fuerte y guapo) quien se lleve a la princesa; y que yo, ni lo uno ni lo otro, me enamore de un dragón que me encerró en su castillo

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