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The unreal bjornament season 3 has started!

Join today! (57/100) slots are already taken and a lot of the competitors are crazy good!

"1v1 thunderdome style art comeptition from the early days of!"

Judges are:

- Ben Mauro -

- Even Mehl Amundsen -

- Jana Schirmer -

And you'll all say:

"Oh, well, I never, was there ever
A fennec so clever as magical ...

🎵 🎶

Hidden for eye contact (drawn & stylized character)!

"The cacti led me astray" may be my favorite line in "A story for B" and there's a lot of good lines in that thing.

#Writing #AmWriting

"A high-ranking messenger angel. Their name means "God is my strength" and is known to be the left hand of God and the embodiment of the holy spirit."
Congratulations to @SirSkaith on twitter for being the first winner on Persona Month!
#fanart #raffle #winner #angel #gabriel #persona #OC #OCs #art #artwork #mastoart

If you're going to make a pink dragon, you need to really *commit* to the bit.

I like to draw characters in fun poses sometimes and this was the first time I've done cell shading properly! I'm pretty proud of this tbh

yo my fellow I have a question for all y’all. Where do you find good poses to practice or just use for refs cause I’ve been kinda doing a massive goose chase with google images tbh.

More info:

2) We've been feeling increasingly weird about mandating CWs on Political posts. It's a part of Mastodon's culture to CW them, for sure, but we'd like to be a little more lax on how we moderate them.

3) Unlisted (but still Marked Sensitive) would allow these works to appear in user's profiles, and allow them to be boosted, which would go a long way to making •ART more friendly to erotic artists while still keeping the public timeline SFW.

Thoughts? :bob_ross:

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Hello my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists!

Your mod/admin team have some potential changes we'd like your input on:

1) Reopening approval-based registrations for a limited time in the near future

2) Changing our CoC to recommend that political posts be CWed, but not required

3) Changing our CoC to require sexual/erotic art to be posted as *Unlisted* or Followers Only instead of just Followers Only

Any feedback, ideas, or concerns would be greatly appreciated!

People who send out stickers as rewards:
do you print them yourself, or get them printed by a sticker service that also sends them out, or what?

I would like to know.

Hello! I'm new here so I don't really know my way around yet.

I'm an artist who likes GBF, On Air!, Vocaloid, Servamp, and Ensemble Stars.

Happy to meet everyone~

#animeart #introduction #mastoart

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