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A handsome little mastodon pin for those who want to talk about the wonders of mastodon with strangers.

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#little #mastodon #pin #sculpted #ceramic #whitegold #mastoart

“You truly expect me to believe they didn’t notice our invasion?”

“They think they control us. Claim the noisy one for yourself and see.”

Henry smiled as the fluffiest of the new cats bumped his legs once more while he petted her.

"Ma! Please, you have to let us keep all of them!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing


"Pronoia, your... well they SAY they're your parents, but--"

"Three of them?"


"Describe them."

"I... can't?"

"That's them."

The young woman snapped her briefcase shut and made her way down to the lobby.

The people there were giving three tall figures a wide berth. This was normal. Aside from not being able to define a binary gender for them, they gave the impression of having horns.

And claws.

And a primal danger.

#TootFic #FlashFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Working on black panthers as reference for a dragon design I want to do. #art

I finished up a small painting of Falgyrac today, I wanted to play with some different ways of making her pop in an image, along with some stuff with lighting.

Again, used the gouache brushes in Clip Studio for this.

This is my favorite piece so far. I redrew an old drawing and came up with this. It’s of my main ocs. 💞

#DailySketchChallenge #30facesChallenge #MastoArt


About 4/5 minutes with a brush pen.
I quite like it, even though i don't like this tool's feeling: it's probably because i bought a cheap one (less than 1€ on the net); so if you got any advice for a good one, or on how to use it properly, feel free.

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