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Selfie, eye contact 

Hopping off the shawl train for a minute to go back to making hats for Christmas, which is all an elaborate way of avoiding the... situation in my kitchen sink.

Also I am still fond of my jean tunic (junic). Want to go back and make some of the variations of the pattern when the sewing mood strikes next.

Final week-ish before the PDF goes live in our store! So it's time for final image teasers~ See larger teaser for just $1 PER ISSUE (not per month) at

Sketched by Zelaphas ( ) / Inked by Callosyx ( ) / Coloured by Mic S ( )

"#Activist #art and public intervention as practices of #resistance across the landscapes of contemporary #crisis."

Cultural #Hijack - Post Conceptual Anti-#Surveillance #Art Install. #HKprotest

I couldn’t find one, so I quickly made my own tool to practice drawing cubes. Feel free to use & tweak it

#mastoart #tools #practice #illustration #art #drawing

It occurred to me that I should work on holiday gifts ( #Crochet ) instead of getting angry about socks
( #Knitting )

#Fibrearts #Fiberarts

Drawn at work on the whiteboard while waiting for my samples to process


I'm just WAITING for Dimitri to go feral. (I'm on Blue Lions, no spoilers!!)

i think this is what the kids call a fursona. his name is vvince 😊

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