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The next OC for my day 24 is Shouta from my friend DieKatzenhai on :twitter: (!

She is a writer but no artist so she gave me a sim from The Sims as a reference. 😆

(Forgot the caption, aah.)

If anyone else is interested in supporting us and helping us get to 100% funded, please take a look:



If you don't have the means or inclination to provide monetary support, no worries! Just keep being your awesome selves, and keep commenting, supporting, and boosting the heck out of each other. That's how we make a fantastic community. :mona_kiss:

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I wanted to take a moment and send all my gratitude to our many patrons and supporters on :patreon: and :liberapay:!

This month we've raised enough to cover our hosting costs with @mastohost, which is fantastic! :louis_toots_too:

It's directly thanks to their support that we are able to run this amazing artistic community. :make_like_edmonia:

We just need to secure a *little* more to cover domains and some other operating costs. But we're already most of the way there! 🤩

genderbend love!
originally, he looks quite feminine as a boy, so i would think if he was a girl, he'd lean more to the masculine side

... to be honest there's not much difference to how he looks hAHAHA but gb love's name would be lovi!

i'm doing short comic adaptations of some of aesop's fables! here's the crow and the fox.

colour/style test with a really scribbly background! i've been pretty intimidated by the idea of printing my art in risograph, but now that i've done a digital mockup i'm feeling really good about this style. i think i might send this one to the printer to see how it looks in person!

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