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I'll also take this opportunity to reiterate:

If you see anything that does not follow our CoC, please report it! Our mods need your help to find the content that might be breaking our rules. Also, please add a description to your report so our mods know what we're getting into – it's a tough job, and even a little bit of forewarning about what we're about to see helps a lot!

Thank you for making this community the wonderful, safe, and supportive space it is. :mona_kiss:

Ace of Sword

Should I add some more stuff on the background or border? Id like to hear some suggestion for this.

Well oops... just realized that some colours appear more washed out on my laptop screen.

so I've made a few adjustments my #picture, this should be closer to what I was going for... 😉

#art #mastoart #drawing #digital #krita #seaside #sea #ocean #cliffs #landscape #cartoon #style #cartoonish #myWork #creativetoot

"Only Amazons or those who would be their sisters may enter," the sentry declared, casting a wary eye to the travelers.

Hina squeezed my hand, "Ready?"

My stomach churned," What if we can't? We... I haven't..."

I looked down at my chest and hairy arms; felt the itch of a 5 o'clock shadow.


Hina rolled her chair forward, "YOLO!"

She passed through the magical gates, unhindered.

I sobbed joyfully as I followed.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy #LGBTIQ

Working on a mechanic where Defender bees will patrol parts of the hive surrounding Barracks cells. Unprotected cells will be at greater risk of negative events, so maintaining a Defender population will be important (that's the plan anyway) #hivetime #indiedev #gamedev

Important notice for all :mastoart:•ART users:

I have spent the last couple of days doing a hard editing pass on our Code of Conduct. I felt like parts of it needed clarification, so hopefully it's a lot easier to understand now!

Please take some time to read it thoroughly:

Every user of •ART is required to read and follow our CoC/ToS. I've also updated our terms page with a generic Privacy Policy:

Keep being awesome! :bob_ross:

I think something that could be helpful to fight the negatives of social media, would be to take pride in how you've helped others on social media. Sharing something from someone with fewer followers than you. A word of encouragement. Being a friend to someone.

Just wanted to remind my new followers from Mastodon.ART that we aren't the only server and there's lots of cool people on other servers that you can follow! A few servers with people that I follow are: (gaming) (general, cozy) (general, art, writing, fandoms) (18+ art, sfw and nsfw) (general) (general) (general) (gamedev) (tabletop gaming)

And there's many more out there!

Finally done working on this, it took a long time to render this out

i kinda like how this come out tbh, it has a unique look to it

#mastoart #art #digitalart

Another sunday, another art timelapse! Here you can paint with me one of my latest paintings, called "When Wet". 😁
If you like it, please feel free to share it, thank you!

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