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12/#365 @RampantPanda
today another try with the gold&silver.
unfortunately its almost impossible to photograph the shining parts especially during night with low light😅(or maybe it's me not beeing good in taking pictures 😅 anyway i gave up now, after more than 30 minutes of tries to catch the )-fully open for advice!

so imagine yourself some nice shiny glitter around the s 😊

Boa Noite, Bonne Nuit und Gute Nacht ❤️ 🌌

drawing I did in drawpile of my characters, Lukas and Gul ;;

"he's giving me that look...!"

"This is a story that happened not once upon a time, nor even twice, but many times past and many times to come. On this particular occasion it started with a young man who let one thing go because he couldn’t let go of another." - Pacifica, page 1

Two arts for the fans of Orc GFs and stronk ladies. Please hand the latter a towel, and lightly tell off the former for tempting fate...

I've been working on this image all evening. I discarded several earlier versions. This one comes closest to what I was trying to say.

I call it "The Path".

CW: (if you squint)

Throwback to March 2019!!
emo boi dressed all in black bc he's so evil but also with a hint of pink bc he's also gay

Phew, finished my artwork. Not sure if I got the form composition right - looks a bit overkill to me.
C&C are welcome :)

Been a minute since I posted here, but i support the idea of mastodon so I’m gonna try to be present more~~

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