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There, another flats'n'lines down. A borbwizard so magical... That they're a parrot with bluejay colouring. Then again, he is a paintwizard, so colour's probably right up their alley.

Painting small food and snacks are really relaxing. Featuring peppermint candy, fried banana, a mini red potato and sugar cookies in watercolor

Here is a little bit of what I have been up to. Finally painting the shields I designed for the Fireland rpg! I hope everyone has been doing well.

I can not stop wanting
things that were bad for me more
than I could stop a candle from burning,
which is to say I could smother the flame easy;
but the candle remember
having burnt
and so do I.


this is meant to be as a kinda background signature music for a contemporary art award

The dog has spent the whole day looking extra cute and will now enjoy a peaceful evening with some earned rest.

Amazon Alexa adverts: the third instalment in a trilogy about the master, too lazy to make their own tea, and needing to reinforce gender stereotypes, and invent new technologies, to get their way (and tea).

Metal gear solid mod pack for the whole series that gives anime hair to all the metal gears

On the topic of dogs here's Nala who does not understand why she has to wait until Dec 1st to open her advent calendar :(

#dogs #miniaturepoodle

Today on my Thursday morning art stream, I'll be sketching monster characters for a scene I thumbnailed just before inktober began. I'll be finishing one of the bottom right two. I've started thinking of this as "the noodle incident." ;)

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