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Hi! I'm new to Mastodon! ✨
You'll find fan art and original art here, along with sketches and WIPs~

@Curator not sure if you know about, where lots of digital artists live.

@Curator I don't remember whether it's already on your list but I'm running which focuses (as its name implies) on #3Dprinting. It's a pixelfed instance so as to promote the creative facet of 3D printing over technical discussions.

The haxor pun is intended and it's meant to be pronounced "printed social", inspired by the popular software package "slic3r".

@Curator Hi! I am Emuz admin of the new instance Kafuka.ME! We have both an art and a technology theme. My personal art medium is photography! (Semi pro) The most unique change to our instance art wise is the image resolution cap is doubled for larger artwork to be posted. We also use glitch for built in drawing. We’re going to open approved registration & invites soon after a few more finishing touches! :) I am passionate abot art and I hope you’ll consider Kafuka.ME!

The Color Thief🌈✨
‘The rainbow sword is broken, yet its guardian clings stubbornly to it. It’s still glowing.’

Hi ! I'm Jessica Cheng, and I'm mostly focused on creating environments! Last projects were Bo4 and MW(2019), currently off towards new adventures!

Those are some oddly potted plants.

I will be at Papier Marche next weekend, and it's mostly an original art event...I kind of realized that I don't really have much finished original art XDDDD But thank god for this silly idea while I was having my morning coffee not too long after Otakuthon XDDDDDDD These will be available as stickers as well :)

If you're attending Papier Marche, come by and say hi

my.. webcomic can be read on tumblr, twitter and webtoons!!
ill be posting updates here too! just to keep my page alive (and for those that might be intewested in reading ;w;)

°´ocularis ·`
"...ocularis follows the story of a young woman's journey through the afterlife via dreams..."

ambient / horror |

horror / ambient | check the for updates! (tag can also be found on twitter/tumblr)

I'm going to be updating my list of creative :fediverse: Fediverse instances soon, so I'm putting out the call!

🎼 🎥 📸 👗 💃 🍳 🎭 🎨 ✍️ 🎮 🖼️

If you know of any Fediverse instances with a focus on any creative industries, hobbies, genres, etc., please reply here and let me know!

Not just Mastodon, either. If it's part of the Fediverse I want to know about it!

Thank you! :boost_ok:

so im really in need of extra money for bills and essentials until my job starts in a couple weeks.

i'm doing a Silly Art drive for myself - donate $3 or more and send a request for a left handed drawing! the more you send the fancier it will be! any money without a specific request, i'll open up to anyone who wants to suggest something.

anything at all is super appreciated ♥

my kofi:
or venno, paypal, zelle is in reply toot

As I am really in a financial crisis I am deeply insisting on the fact that every share can help me, as well as any commission asked for ;
Or any random tip on my paypal


Take it as you will, I am bad at asking for money, but truth is I am in debt and have no income before October.

Thanks anyways ^^"

Heyy, just a reminder that Tyrian Gazette has only one day left! I'll be posting some previews of my contributions up pretty soon!

Repost : Corrected version of the drawing
Original not available (it's in a book)
- Lost Child

Print A4 for 30€+ shipping cost

Please share, it helps for classic life tasks like eating and paying rent ~

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