@Curator my vote is Junicorn for next months challenge!! 🎨 🖌️ 😆

@eyeling Thank YOU for being diligent on bringing that to my attention :D

blessed tomato children

thanks to Neoscottie for the commission of their character!

I'm loving all these beautiful, colourful, exquisite, and downright incredibly creative takes on merfolk for that are swimming about the fediverse! What's next month's theme? 😁 :artcataww:

@lordampersand I've been using watercolours and very very small (0.03) fineliners on Hahnemuhle's 230gsm cold press postcards and on their cut-to-size 100% cotton rag 300gsm Expression paper. I'm not sure if they do pads of those papers, but might be worth looking into, or just getting some cut to your preferred size if that's plausible :)


Hi again, sorry for spamming but I also want to mention two other great reference resources:



Is there a extra tag for all art-resources, links, tips&tricks to collect information like this?

With some help from a friend, I managed to get the nightly build of to work, and even record some timelapses.
It's so much fun to watch it back~

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