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Otherwise, just keep on inspiring the :fediverse: with your amazing art! Thank you!

@Algot You're so sweet… thank you so much for the kind words! We do what we can. :bear_hugs:

Fairy Nord grew up in a forest and his Detect Life ability was always significant to him. It would be shocking if he found himself in a place where there was literally nothing to detect.

hello! not so productive time for me now 😅 i'd been drawing one piece for three weeks and had to quit it because it was impossible to fix..

and this work was like an "anchor" for me - when i stuck and need to relax - i return to it and calm down
also i watched tenet and fell in love with soundtrack from it! 💔 I really hope to draw something with these tracks!

sorry for the quality.. miss my scanner so much///

Working on drawing the PCs from that OTHER new DnD game I've joined: here be PowderRune's plundercat, Zephaniah.

Hi, complete newbie here 👶
Let's start with a Monster Hunter World fanart !

Block recommendation, racial slurs 

@RussSharek @xenophora Done! Thanks to you both for bringing this to my attention. :bear_hugs:

Hey, folks! Are you doing OCtober this month?

Try using the hashtag [#]OC_tober instead to keep track of everything! That way, people searching for generic [#]october tags won't confuse your posts. :)

Or, keep doing your thing! Take care all, and happy art-ing. :bowie_stardust:

Submissions are open for 🔥 Comrade Himbo🔥 , an upcoming printed comics anthology about big-hearted, socially conscious hunks of all genders railing against the violence of capitalism (paid project)

pome-mag.com/comrade-himbo-a-c 💪

Today, I did 24 ink doodles of minerals and crystals. No pencil sketches, that's why they're a little messy. They don't look like much yet, but with a little watercolor, they might shine.

edgelord of my heart in the ServantFes event.... Manga is her passion! she's still learning german, though. LETTUCE means NEVER GIVE UP. ilu.

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