Great Jaggi! My first large hunt, many years ago, was this boi. He'll always have a special place in my heart.

He's up on redbubble:

And there is a process gif on Patreon for patrons: https://www.patreon com/kathuman

Re: Ohuhu markers, Im quite liking them! Im not used to using markers but I'm liking the process so far.

Swear I'm still alive! Here's the next in the series: "Guidance".

I used to doodle jet fighters in my school books in primary school, and here I am again 25 years later! This was 40 minutes in Procreate with the Derwent and HB Pencil brushes.

Was meant to finish this ages ago but here we are! A couple of chibis for my best friend :>

🌿 2019 Art Review 🌿
- PUBLIC post -

- Talked A LOT about artist health, if you have time please read this part at least ♥
- Touched upon social media and just being an artist on the Net
+ General art musings and notable moments!


(I would love to hear your feedback/thoughts on this post! <3)

By using two sprite layers, base and lighting, I can use code to change asset colours while maintaing some cool, two-tone colour depth for the shading.

Saves me exporting out dozens of different sprites!

Check out our latest project update. We're kicking off development for a whole new year! 🎊

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