I forgot to post on this site, here's my alolan vulpix and magikarp going on an adventure in a foggy forest

super cutiepatootie from dappervolk.com/ !! back when I was in their beta a year?? ago haha.
this was acutally done off someones avi in the discord, everyone posts their avis and i was feeling nostalgic haha!

I made this illustration for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion by Fantasy Flight Games.
I've been waiting quite a while for this to be released, as this was one of the favourite works I've made for Star Wars.
Because, you know, Han and Chewie😀


Hey there! I'm a web designer in Baltimore, MD in USA. I also sell arts and crafts online and at local events.
I just launched a new website to showcase my work.
I am really enjoying everyone's posts and look forward to seeing more! 🦊 💜

a new character!! >:D
I have so much ideas hngg -- I'd put them up as adopts but I love em too much ;;w;;

here's the DA link if you wanna see it a little more clearly! c:

Couple of favourite drawings from a costumed post-apocalyptic life drawing session I went to last week.

I don't work in black and white much so I gotta work on that (yes this is purple but humor me), but pretty pleased with how their designs are coming along so far.

non-sexual nudity 

woot woot 2 art in one day?? who am I >:0

check out the clearer version here! as well as the link in the desc for his reference sheet! :D

"Do new things!"
A collab between myself and @/swigmama on twitter. She did the dobbies!

again Sisyphus, this time a reworked version with ... a cleaner human condition

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