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*IF* –> “Icon” (touching icons) -
Have a great day Mastodon ! :)

"May your phones have healthy batteries" :D

#mastoart #art #illustration #IF #icon

@silverseams @MannyKat8x It is, especially here in the Philippines. I made an entire #fursuit in less than 50$ because of it.

Here's something I did with #klonoa. Head only because it was hot.

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@GITANNO i swear i felt i was watching a new age Simpsons when i saw your episode on @ugit. It was hilarious & so real. Will you change your channel too?

Caught this turkey using my dragon velvet as a bed (folded up fuzzy side inside, luckily).

Whenever anyone walks into the room he stares at the ceiling fan. No idea why, unless maybe he sees the reflection in the brass center dome.

my fav colors... can u guess them...?

Completely re-imagined this cartoon concept of mine. I need a scanner and a better selection of Copic colors.

First jagged ambush bug of the year. I love these little chameleons. #smolfrens

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An unicorn mage or something like that

@silverseams @MannyKat8x yES i’m glad I caught this non-local timeline amazingness lifesize plushie!

@MannyKat8x Not sure it actually ends up cheaper than fur but I've made heads from fleece and sheet foam that are essentially unstuffed plushie heads. (This one was... not great, but it was made in record time for a last-minute decision and it's the only one I have a picture of)

Anyone have any recommended Youtube or other channels for knitting tutorials?

I'm not a big fan of background music, and I like to be able to clearly see what someone's doing so if they have multiple views of the process, that's good.

I’d like to thank everyone for participating in this shitpost, without whom it would not be possible