Would you believe me if I said I accidentally made a patreon?
They'll soon raise their fees for new accounts so I thought it was now or never. And I ended up launching it right away xD
Well, here you go: patreon.com/anaisfae

it’s finally here! SPRING WITCH is a 16 page zine with illustrations and witchy information on the season ✨🌱✨

i’m soooo excited to share this with everyone, and i hope you enjoy it :blobcatmmm:

(the zine is free/pay what you want, and any proceeds will go toward my pronoun pin! 🖤)

boosts = :blobcatlove:


Wisdom of Sky - Watercolor and acrylic.

Created this piece for the upcoming "A Parliament of Owls" group showing at Gargolyes Statuary in Seattle. Artist reception is March 15th, 6-9pm.

#mastoart #artshows #watercolor #owl #planets #art

Le saviez-vous :
Demain y'a le vernissage de mon expo à yggdrasil à toulouse, 19h
On pourra échanger les derniers calembours en vogue, et parler chiffons


Joined a DnD discord server for the story (never played it) - this particular adventure is called "beyond the veil" so there you go :)

Fire elemental from future...

- for early view of my characters.

"Stepdad" - Long Rect. w/background of muted mauves/blues/pinks shows a farmhouse-like building & empty parking lot run thru Gaussian Blur filter. A giant metal sparrow-like bird made of silver, gold, orange & mauve engine parts looks behind it as three graduated-size girl baby dolls in yellow tumble down: the largest almost settling on its back. 3 faded rings of various size made of multiple washers also decorate comp.

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