@eloisa :bear_hugs: I didn't get the @ for this convo, not sure why - I'd have chimed in but don't want to poke the bear now, best ignore. For what it's worth, as someone who's also had my art ripped off (not by NFTs - at least not that I know of! - just in general), I feel you. It's crap.

I guess I should make an introduction post, so...
Hello everybody, I'm Rozasin! I go by Alicia too, shortened to Ally sometimes. My pronouns are she/they and I'm an amateur musician and songwriter.
I'm not sure if I will meet many people here, but I hope I can meet at least a few.

my partner @Battologist has been playing an old hamtaro game, so I've been watching and doodling hams in the meantime

New artfrens have arrived! Say hi! :louis_toots_too:


Welcome to .art - settle in, get cozy, have a look around, perhaps make an post if you haven't already, and yell if you have questions ^.^

:bob_ross: :frida_y_animalitos: :artshark: :dabart:

@5percenter It absolutely is, and if you experience otherwise, let me know immediately so that I can nuke the perpetrators from orbit!

Heya! Figured I'd see if other places can be good art venues now that twitter is turning into an NFT shithole.
I'm Boog, I make comics and art for tabletop rpgs! Check out my work at www.inkandrubbish.com

@colinmooredraws Hah :D It's for adding alt-text to your images (which is generally recommended as we have a lot of blind and partially sighted users on masto :D) - but there's a 'delete and re-draft' option for editing the main body of your toot after you post it. Not quite as nice as a full edit function but it's better than nothing ^.^ (it conserves all the contents of your original toot and opens it as a new toot for editing before posting)

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