Desenhos durante a live de 13/06 da Poc Con : "POCs Antifascistas" com Dani Marino, Luiza Lemos, LaCruz e Mário César
- desta vez tentei no tablet, foi bem mais difícil, para mim, do que com pincel, rsrs

Lost within the cave that is himself, he who shall never BE again looks from the shadows.

This started as a doodle that I got attached with, which seems to be my art process. So, like, Dirk Strider and Alpha Dirk in the back.

I'm....Making More Signs for the other locations in the Brookemount universe!!!
My wife and I came up with a handful so far, this is the first other than Brookemount to get a sign :3c
I really like the design I went with, with this one hueuehg

I incorporated those icons in my pinned tweet into an over-the-top opulent HUD/quick menu deal...

A couple of months ago, I remembered that Xena: Warrior Princes was a thing. And how's much I misses it. So I tried my hand at some quick Lucy Lawless portraits. Hit or miss, but a couple your can see her emerge from the scribbles.

Productivity is making memes out of your OCs. yes this is infact Tsukito and Shuichi lmao

@fluffyfied Hmm… the word that most closely fits in English would probably be "subject". Like, "A girl with black hair is the subject of this image."

Motif seems to refer more to a style/symbol, but that's just my personal inclination. Something like, "There's a recurring use of a star motif to symbolize hope in this artwork".

Gosh I remember having a smol series of birb art just to showcase Philippine birbs. I had a lot of fun with those pics, and a lot of them were in watercolor

Dang how did younger me have all the energy

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Was trying to go to sleep, but the sketch for this one wanted out first. Then after an hour of colouring the other day, I had two versions I was happy with. Which one do you prefer? 🌪️

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