You're sitting in class and there's chatter around you and you stare out the window and dream yourself away... that's what this song, "Window Seat" by @btcprox and @ky0ko , part of our third album, sounds like to me. You can listen here: Gonna pull it together and stream. These commissions won't draw themselves.

Life hack: Just learn to cook potatoes. They can find their way into any dish, it's so easy. Potatoes are cheap. Potatoes + cheese? Good. Potatoes + gravy? Good. Potatoes + long skinny shapes? Fries.

Noodling around with a poster design for a local vaudeville show. At the point of noodling around with everything over and over and . . .

@cwebber `play -n -c1 synth whitenoise band -n 100 20 band -n 50 20 gain +25 fade h 1 864000 1`

I have started on the final (hopefully) draft of the design for the clock I’m working on. Going full sized on this drawing. While I am starting off with a protractor, compass, and ruler, a lot of it will be designed a bit more organically.

The design itself will combine some of the elements of the various sketches I did, with a fox on the moon, and stone representations of the planets tangled in the branches of a tree. A lot of the details need to be worked out though.

In the meantime, rest.

I'd really appreciate some kind of libre procedural (ambient?) music generation tool; I'd use that to focus all the time.

Thinking about selling some old Aquatint etchings of this giant sloth monster. I guess I'd describe them as "artist prints" as I didn't do any proper editioning on them. What do people think?

‪Hello , , fans! My dragon dice bags are now on PREORDER!!! Official merch! Currently only offered in red, but if they sell well and there’s interest, maybe they’ll add the other colours? 😘

We're excited to share the first release of 2geom, a C++ library for calculating paths, curves, etc. Read more at:

Pokémon Detective Pikachu Trailer
It’s really happening, and this spectacular trailer is here to prove it, in glorious, textural detail; cuddly Ryan Reynolds included.

So this weekend, I've been channelling my inner Bob Ross and painting happy little volcanoes.

Hey, the young pirates of Norway are looking for som nice looking creative commons themes for worpress. Maybe people here have some suggestions?

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After a busy weekend, I'm hoping to finally get some writing in. I'm getting behind

Ketchup with with adopted children / Days 7-9 since my iPad is dying

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