working on a font for a thing im maybe making! feels powerful

Just started supporting @Curator on Patreon! Hope this helps with the operation costs. Love this community already! :tentaluv:

This is where my life is at right now, drawing a plant monster watering itself while reading a newspaper. I guess its breakfast for them? I donno.

#mastoArt I wanted to draw something cute today, and what is cutter than Lilou? Nothing. So I drew her.

Nevada "Nev" Nordaha was kind of a big deal.

Nobody was sure how it happened, he hadn't even had a Youtube presence. But there he was, overnight pop sensation, exotic enough to be alluring but not enough to threaten certain demographics.

I got a job as his personal assistant on his latest Country-Wide tour where I soon learned about his "fang-girls" and his secret vampire slaying duties.

Less terrifying than his human fans, honestly.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Bird doo-doo, my art 

So I am working on a project, a gift for my nbfriend.
As they are on mastodon I can not give you too much information on what this will be yet, but I can at least show you some steps that thet see too, as we live together.

You can have your guesses if you will though, but hey, good luck with the clues.

I will post the rest probably underneath this toot. There will sometimes be some toots showing you the real stuff and then be deleted to keep it a secret.

Title: Intrigue, Published: JUNE 26, 2018 Ballpoint pen with some help from Inkscape #MastoArt #Inkscape #art #doodle #blackandwhite

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