I made an art aesthetic board recently. Basically just the top four things I love drawing the most.

Here's my most recent art journal piece. This book's theme is lineart and I started the drawing earlier in the month after being inspired by the Met Gala pictures flooding my twitter feed.

Puffin from which a Twitter pal requested from me! Been a long while since I saw this show~

Hi hi! I'm in need of some cash so I'd like to open a commission slot for $12 pixel art (will b quick and simple like below)
(blinking is fre)

feel free to ask me abt other styles! Sprites and icons are also available

message me here or at my gmail ramskullsart@gmail.com

Freebie pages, yay!

One page is a scan of that abstract tangle frame I drew recently, and the other is a scan of two little hand-drawn half mandalas.

Grab the print-ready PDFs here > patreon.com/posts/27067791



If you would like to commission a plushie please click the link above for instructions!

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Errin. (Grey Heron)

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Happy Friday! Here's another sticker I made for my Patreon videos, but I'm sharing with YOU!

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