Here's your photo for today. A nice layered landscape with trees, fields, houses, mountains - this landscape has *everything*! :D

Recreate it in your own style, sketch it for practice, or just find inspiration. Share your creations :bob_ross: :mona_kiss:


Here's your photo for today :)

Recreate it in your style, sketch it for practice, or just be inspired by it ^.^

Share your creations! :mona_kiss:


Today's photo! It has a boat, it has a windmill, it has water, it has fun layered buildings - what more do you need :D

Recreate it in your own style, sketch it for practice, or maybe find some inspiration ^.^ And share your creations here!

Enjoy! :bob_ross:


Had some lovely farm-fresh fruit in today and the pears still had their leaves on, so I thought they'd make for nice still life images for you to use! ( also.)

These are all phone photos, and I used a big black A2-size sheet of card that was a cheap buy from the 'school supplies' section of the supermarket to create an infinity curve. I set it up on top of the oven, which is in an area of the house with no direct light, for softer lighting. (Two more in the next toot)

Here's one from me. Scour your local second hand book shops for unlikely art reference sources. These were all very cheap finds and are great inspiration and reference!

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Gosh, you all seem very shy about sharing your yarnybits :D

Fine, here's some of mine! On the odd occasion when the mood strikes me I like crocheting vintage doily patterns, but with sewing thread in bright colours and a 1.5mm crochet hook. These are all about 40cm diameter.

You can find loads of these patterns for free here:

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Moody skies, water reflections, and distant buildings for today's !

Recreate it in your style, sketch it for practice, use it as inspiration - and post your creations here :D :mastoart:


Did you know that the Metropolitan Museum has a huge online collection of art that's in the public domain, that you can browse through and download high res versions of?

Here are some examples of the things you can find there!!?searchField=All&showOnly=openAccess&sortBy=Relevance&offset=0&pageSize=0

Good morning (/afternoon/evening), Masto-Artists! :mastoart:

Here's your photo for today! This time it's a photo from @butdidyoudie who has graciously let us use it as our reference photo ^.^

Recreate it in your style, sketch it for practice, or just be inspired by it 🐦 :bowie_stardust:

Happy creating!


What's your favourite surface to work on, if you're a creator who paints/draws? Mine is smooth-heavyweight paper, particularly this kind pictured. I have pads in three sizes XD I love the super smooth surface of hotpress paper too, but I've found it's difficult to use an eraser on if I'm lifting up pencil after doing inkwork - the top layer of the paper starts breaking off.

Now that the ownership transfer is official and everyone knows who I am, I can share my desk without people going 'Hey wait a minute...' ☺️

My most used drawing pens are in the mug on the right, the purple pencil case has my 'tools' (compasses (compii? 🤔 ), protractor, etc), misc colouring pens and pencils in the pen holder, and all my pads up to A4 size in the vertical trays.


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Here's your image of the day! Use it as sketching practice, reproduce it in your own style, incorporate it in something bigger, or just be inspired by it ^.^

Share your creations! <3


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Alright, new favourite dinosaur. I want to see seventeen thousand fanarts of this cutie patootie in my feed as soon as earthly possible. XD

Here's your pic of the day! Sketch it, re-create it in your chosen style, or just get inspired by it. Share your creations! <3 :bob_ross:


Your photo of the day! Use it as inspiration, re-create it in your own style, or just as sketch practice - and post your creations :D


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