So much fantastic art coming across my feed this morning! I can barely keep up :D I've bookmarked a lot of it to boost out throughout the day, so keep an eye :D

Meanwhile, here's some for you to practice with! Enjoy ^.^


Paint over time! What do you see in these images? Choose one or both of them, part of the image or all of the image, and paint what you see :D

Some fun art from The Met to round off the evening! Details in the image descriptions :D

The Met have a huge archive of public domain artwork available on their website - :)

Here's a image that you can use as inspiration or practice :D Play with different styles - try it without lines and just blocks of colour, try it with very thing blank ink lines, try it with a square brush - there are lots of techniques you can use to practice interpreting shapes and colour ^.^

Share your sketches based on this image back here! <3 :mona_kiss:


Here's your photo for today!

If you'd like a challenge, paint it in a Fauvism style (Look at André Derain and Henri Matisse); bold, bright colours and strong shapes.

Happy art-ing! :bob_ross:


Here's your image for the day!

Recreate it in your style, sketch it for practice, or just find inspiration ^.^



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