Hello my lovely -ists!

I thought you should all know, CETI is posting an open call to all artists, hackers, technologists, designers, and performers to submit to their Gallery of the Future Exhibitions. Check it out! :dali_persistance:

More info here: ceti.institute/gallery-of-the-

Call for submissions: drive.google.com/file/d/15SQms

Congratulations :mastoart:•ARTists:, we've reach 10,000 users!! :louis_toots_too:

Of course, many of these users are inactive or dormant accounts, but still, what a milestone! :bowie_stardust:

Thank you for being a part of one of Mastodon's most fun, supportive, and vibrant creative communities. We're so glad you're here! :bear_hugs:

@CuratorClassic did such a fantastic job founding this community. I was a Mastodon convert immediately. It was such an honour when CuratorClassic asked me to take over, and I'm dedicated to doing whatever I can to grow this wonderful community.

I have a personal account at @Rheall if you're interested. ☺️

I also have a dog: @Aila
And a crested gecko :squishygecko: : @Squishy

Attached are some random artworks of mine. Visit my portfolio here:


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For those who are curious, here's what our user growth numbers have been for the past year.

That spike at the end? All from the last two days. :da_faint:

(Info from the-federation.info/node/masto)

All the awesome new artists trying out Mastodon for the first time:

We're currently 56% of the way to fully covering :mastoart:•ART's hosting costs. This includes monthly fees to our fantastic host (masto.host), who maintains our server and keeps our instance updated, as well as the cost of the mastodon.art domain. If we reach this goal, I'll also be able to kick a few bucks to our amazing moderation team for all their hard work.

If you can help us reach our goal our entire community will thank you! Otherwise, just keep being your awesome selves!

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Hello my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists!

When you post your art, photos, animated .gifs, or any other images, try to take some time to fill in the image description! You can find it when you mouse over the image thumbnail.

Giving your images short descriptions goes a long way to making our community more accessible to folks who use screen readers. You don't have to be super verbose, just get the idea across. Give it a shot!

Happy Sunday, my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists! :mona_kiss:

Do you follow me but find all the boosts I make a bit overwhelming? Would you rather just see posts I make to keep up with updates about our instance and other fun things?

Good news! Just open my profile, click on the menu icon, and choose "Hide Boosts from @Curator".

You can do this with anyone to take control of your Home timeline. Just make sure to keep checking in with on occasion to see what you've missed.😉



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