It’s almost Halloween y’all! That means you get to participate in the third annual :mastodon: carve-off!! Carve whatever you like in a 🍍! What designs will you make‽ Or draw if you have no pineapples in close proximity? Use the # & carve safe!

:krita: @Krita is a professional FREE & open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable tools for everyone. :bowie_stardust:

:krita: @Krita is kicking off their 2018 Fundrasising campaign - Let's Squash The bugs!
$uppport here:

How to follow them on the :fediverse: :
:mastodon: @Krita :krita:
:peertube: @kritafoundation

🎥 🍿 🎨 Watch their :krita: 2018 fundraiser video:

Tootastic lil :mastodon: mascot for y'all! Plushie by @doomyflo & fun by me. Invite your friends to

Next post this weekend will include their lil outfit!

:make_like_edmonia: Our future arting mascot. ...minimally invasive surgery being conducted atm to bring my plushy by @doomyflo to life!
It requires clean aluminum armature wire w one sharpened end (any brick wall will do). This lil one will have 3 wires to provide 5 degrees of freedom DoF + the snout! A poorly done stop motion animation will soon follow! :mastoart:

I temporarily changed the default theme to the light theme just to show it exists - you can switch it via:

*I'll switch it back to default dark later today.

lmao these gonna look good w a :mastodon: & :mastoart: logo on’em :hot_sauce: …& yea, I probably deserved the barbie personalization but it can stop now. 🤣 might even fit @scoots:pea: , @rheall’s :squishygecko: or @micahdraws’ ferrets. :mona_kiss:

📨 ¡arrived! & the 1/6 scale 🎨 is super cute & detailed! More :mastohi: to come! :frida_y_animalitos:

We also upgraded today & I anticipate having to make :make_like_edmonia: more room on y/our image server this weekend. 🤣 Y'all sorry but not sorry, I know! :bowie_stardust:
Keep arting! :bob_ross:

AND the server is smoking with your art! We have hit records all this week! Today had 1,284,747 <-back & forth-> interactions by y'all! ie toots, 🌟, 🔃, @'s, +/- etc. Thank you for supporting the & y/our :mastoart: •ART

3rd record breaking day in a row Oh’! :mastoart: :make_like_edmonia: we hit >1,270,348 <-back and forth -> interactions in a day :bowie_stardust: ! - that's a 🌟, 🔃 , DM, follow, search or other @ to someone of 'awesomess being shared! TL;DR - >1,000,000 interactions being sent received to/from .art today. :mastohi:

OMastodon! :mastoart: we hit >1,023,402 <-back and forth -> interactions in a day! - that's a 🌟, 🔃 , DM, follow, search or other @ to someone of 'awesomess being shared! TL;DR - >1,000,000 emails being sent received to/from .art today.

:mastoart: almost hit 1,000,000 <-> in a day! - that's like every 🌟, 🔃 , DM, follow, search & other @ of 'awesomess being shared!

:bowie_stardust: gifs & animated emojis can move! :make_like_edmonia: Set gifs to automatically play in settings:

Hey y'all! Don't forget about your public profile & making it look schnazzy to showcase your work! Your profile pic & your background pic can also be animated. Pin some toots & set some links. Enjoy!
Profile & pics courtesy of @JenJen (& Ruffles) :bowie_stardust:

Welcome Salvador Dalí :dali_persistance: to join the rest of y/our inspiring !
"Dalí was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking & bizarre images in his surrealist work. His painterly skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters. Dalí's expansive artistic repertoire included film, sculpture, & photography, at times in collaboration w a range of artists in a variety of media."
by @CountZero

Now we get to 🎺 like :louis_toots_too: too ♪ & welcome Louis to y/our emojis! Also, @Gargron's "TOOT!" comes from the idiom to "toot your own horn."

"Louis Armstrong was an American 🎺, composer & singer who was one of the most influential figures in . His career spanned five decades, from the 1920s to the 1960s, & different eras in the history of jazz. In 2017, he was inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame."

—by @yentru_oc

'ists! Lets welcome :bowie_stardust: to the emoji collection for y’all to inspire & be “an instant star✨. Just & water and stir!” - :bowie_stardust:

“David Bowie was an English singer, songwriter, fashion ground-breaker & actor who is often considered to be one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.” He inspired many with his gender-bending & cultural fluidity.


—by @yentru_oc
& yes, i'm out of commission money for a while after 1 more🤣

& you get an artist! & you get an artist!
you all get artists to inspire you!

:mona_kiss: Find some :make_like_edmonia: artists to follow today & :bob_ross: boost’em :frida_y_animalitos:
Check err’one of my boosts! Scroll endlessly! Check old & new hashtags! etc Happy Friday!

Hey y’all! Welcome :make_like_edmonia: Edmonia Lewis to add to our mastofam to inspire y'all & while she makes a bust!

“Edmonia was an American & the first woman of African-American & Native American heritage to achieve international fame as a in the world—she is known for incorporating themes relating to black people & indigenous peoples of the Americas into Neoclassical-style .”—
—by @yentru_oc

Today’s mood definitely resonates with @count’s beautiful on the wall. Too much time w a computer these days... 😞…where there’s too much beauty in the real world that I’m not experiencing. I outwardly project my virtual one that’s omnipresent but in a chaotic & nonsensical way. *steps back to enjoy @ekaitz_zarraga’s coding that created the Mastodon.Art/gallery/ & all y’alls lovely .

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