If you understand Facebook a bit you can immediately see the real purpose of this app disguised as a fun way of creating personalized stickers


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@julianruf creepy fb is using users to train their machine learning algorithms & AI to detect personal emotions. at work. @aral would like this...

@Curator yep, and this is a really great example of how #SurveillanceCapitalism works: get people to voluntarily supply valuable data by decorating your unethical intentions with something fun / cute @aral

@olistik @aral @Curator for this specific app: no. But Facebooks interest in detecting emotions in pictures is well documented, f.e.


And given that, an app to which people supply pictures with a certain expression and tell Facebook what expression this is very likely aims at getting training data for their machine learning algorithms.

@julianruf @Curator @aral my bad, I didn't read the original post. And you also provided plenty of sources to back that up.
I'd not stop with the sole purpose of training for generic emotions detection but it could also help them train a model for each user and then sell this model to ads and gov agencies.
What a great time to be alive.

@olistik @aral @Curator absolutely, that’s probably the motivation behind all of this because it’s their business model

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