This is a good time to point out that .art has a zero tolerance policy for racism and racism-apology, and especially worth mentioning given recent fedi events, anti-Blackness. It is not acceptable, and as I have control over this little corner of the 'net, the least I can do is do my best to make .art a safe space for non-white, and particularly Black, people.

If you see it on .art, send a report. If you see it elsewhere on fedi, send a report. Err on the side of caution and report it.


@Auster @Curator I'm still unclear how this relates to racism and sending in reports about that...

You mean to say that racist actions or remarks are deserved, or that there's context that makes it okay somehow?

@Curator What recent events on Fedi? I think I have missed something.

@SeventhMagpie Another Black-run instance got driven off the fedi and closed because of the amount of harassment they were getting.

@Curator To be honest, being a white person, myself... this is way beyond true... I wish they would go somewhere where the systtem they want is there already. Otherwise they are crackers... btw, my definition of cracker is someone who believes black people are inferior to whites. Aka, I am aware of the sad origin of cracking the whip...

This kind of bs, has made me in the past, feel like I am toxic... that being said, the way things are now, we shouldn't be part of congess. Aka, "whites"

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