Among the things we typically content warn for so as to provide a safe and comfortable space for our viewers around the fedi, are eye contact and AI-generated artwork, both of which can cause discomfort and anxiety of various levels for people.

If you're posting any kind of art with eye contact, or any kind of AI-generated art, *please* consider hiding it behind a content warning. for AI art specifically, use the hashtag so people can hide it if they want to.



I've also been made aware that media marked as sensitive (when you hit the 'mark media as sensitive' checkbox rather than using the content warning feature) doesn't mark the media as sensitive on all platforms, so yeah, ideally use the full CW :)

@Gargron @Curator I know that we hide at least text when the summary field is filled. I currently don't know, if pictures are hidden then as well, since I deactivated this hiding for my account.

@Curator Isn't that then like a bug which the Friendica developers could correct? Or if it's by design then ... idk it's just a weird feature there that one decides to have if they use Friendica instead of another Fediverse platform... :artblackcat:

It's nice to be able to hide just the image and not the complete post...

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