Made the decision this morning to fediblock . We've had problems with unmoderated fascist accounts on there before, but they're becoming increasingly more problematic, don't defederate from other fash instances, and I'm hearing more often about users being harassed by transphobes and fascists from there. We've had them 'silenced' for a long while (meaning you could only see accounts that you follow there), but it's time to up that to a full block.


If you follow anyone on there, maybe encourage them to find a more wholesome instance. If they don't care that the instance they're on hosts neo-fascists and transphobes, then 🤷‍♀️ no great loss I guess :p

Update on this, the admin has updated the ToS ( see point 8) and said they'll try to keep on top of moderating:

If I see that it's improved over there I'll revisit the fediblock from .art 's side.

@Curator good to know that you care about mastodon wellbeing.

@CobaltVelvet Hitting you up to say it sounds like the admin is beginning to give a fuck.

@Curator there's still transphobes and fash on there tbh

@Curator I'm not sure I follow, if they were already silenced, then nobody was seeing them unless they wanted to. What's the actual impetus for upping it to a full block?

@Gargron They were silenced before I took over . art and there was no note left explaining why, but usually when we silence an instance it's for non-hostile things, like maybe the instance has bots that don't follow the 'no bots' request or they allow posting NSFW content without CWings, so may have been unrelated. As we don't federate with instances that don't moderate hateful content, however, the recent surge of crap coming from there has warranted a block from us.

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