Where do you go to buy digital artworks, like wallpapers, and stuff like that?

If you're an artist, where do you have most of your digital sales revenue regarding desktop wallpaper design & stuff like that?

If you're not an artist, where do you buy those things, or would think of buying them if you ever considered giving money for that kind of thing?

What's the first site that comes to mind and to the tip of your fingers and onto your browser if that situation ever arises?

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some of the illustrators i give money to use gumroad to sell packs, and patreon. and kofi, and liberapay.
but i guess most of their selling comes from commissions and talks in emails, paid by paypal or sepa transferts

@tykayn thank you so much for helping me figure this out! 😊

If you happen to recall, would you be able to let me know the prices of those packs, what kind of artworks were they & license & how many of them did these packs have? 🤔

I'm now trying to get an idea of what's considered a fair price / what's a price people consider when buying and that they accept. 😅

you can find many things, usually artists ask several levels of subscription from 3€ to 10 or more rarely 20€ per month. and give more step by step, source with layers and Process vidéo, nsfw or other bonuses sometimes, ability to make commissions first, to answer some polls...
packs are zip of files, several zip are available for more or less cheap. from 15 EUR to more for year packages.
some artists do commissions starting at 100 or 500 euro, it depends. have a look at other #artists portfolio to get some more ideas :)
also have a look at the feed from tags like #art #mastoart and #illustration

maybe @Curator knows more about what is sold by artists in the fediverse


@tykayn @eloisa Nothing that hasn't already been mentioned :D I'd look at the and / tags so you can see what people are charging, what their tiers are, etc. for an idea of pricing ^.^

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