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Every day, I post four art reference images, along with the CuratorPrompts tag (because I'm the Curator, and I'm providing the prompts :D), and the tag again followed by a number so that there's a unique numerical tag for the images each day.

The hashtag is used specifically for those four image prompts every day, for people to easily find my prompt images, and to share and find their work (and others' work) that specifically relates to those images.



I understand the temptation to put a trending tag on your work, but please only use this tag if you're participating in the daily prompts.

There are loads of other art-related tags you can use, and I promise you, just using # MastoArt on your work will get it in front of many, many eyes. It's not like IG or birdsite here, there's no algorithm that will boost you for using trending tags, and you don't need put loads of tags on your posts like on IG to get them seen. <3

@Curator It's true, I rarely bother to tag my posts at all and still people comment and share. It's like wow, what if people just sharing things they like was the "algorithm" we needed all along.

I don't use lots of tags to please an algorithm, but I do include a lot of them so I can later find them back myself (or others) based on keywords as most instances don't support full text search.

honestly I wish people would actually tags their posts more, because all too frequently I remember having seen a post, and not being able to find it back again when something makes me want to reply to it, or suggest it to someone else, several days later.

@FiXato Yeah - I think there's a mental shift needed from 'insta needs you to spam your post with any tags you can think of to get the most views' to 'masto actually uses tags functionally in order to search, share, and federate content' for a lot of the new people coming here. There's a loooot of bad algorithm-related habits that are going to take a while for people to free themselves from I think.

@Curator @FiXato absolutely. I keep forgetting things like tagging, CW, and photo descriptions. Trying to get better about it!

@BigPete @FiXato You can follow @PleaseCaption who will yell at you if you post undescribed media, if that helps :D

@Curator it looks like @BigPete is on a #GlitchSoc instance, which means he can enable confirmation dialogs for when trying to post or boost undescribed media from the web interface as well.

(Some (mobile) clients will offer this functionality on non-glitch instances too.)

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