Via @planina :

“Portraites of the inditchenous beestes of New Olland, undated drawing by Edward Lear, though likely sometime during 1831 to 1837 when the artist spent many months at a time recording the contents of the thirteenth Earl of Derby’s famous menagerie at Knowsley, near Liverpool”

Look at that dog.

Look at it.

Edward Lear published a self-illustrated book of limericks, "The Book of Nonsense", and it is wonderful.

If this is your current drawing level, grats, you're an artist <3


Oh! I have a fun art exercise following on from the post above, something that will hopefully provide a bit of liberation from the constant feeling of inadequacy :D

Let's all badly draw animals!

Pick any animal at all, and draw it badly. Use a reference if you want, but don't put too much thought into it. The point is that it should look unrealistic and ridiculous and even barely recognisable.

Tag with :D :D

@Curator is it ok if I post ones I already have? 😂

Eye contact 


I present : weird cat /kangaroo (I've not decided)

Eye contact 


Following on from the unmitigated success of catgaroo. I give you :

Batcken (bat + chicken chimera)


@Curator I didn't draw these for but I think they qualify. (I was trying to cartoonify a red panda) please ignore the quite okay drawing on the lower left.


I've got my kids affected with them!

(Also known as Firefox!)

@Curator @ash there’s a great book called Upside Down World, of early European drawings of Australian animals that world for this theme.

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