I'm trying to learn Computer Graphics with Vulkan. It's a bit hard. But I have followed some tutorials and I have some basic knowledge now.

To check if I can do something with it, I'll try to make a simple program to render the Mandelbrot Fractal.

If I have some half-results I'll post them here !

The first result is here ! I can open a window and have bug withing my shader ! (ideally you should see a circle here somewhere :D )

I think it's a problem of padding and memory alignment but this is something I don't quite understand yet

I "solved" it by doing things at random !

Now the size of the circle and the color is wrong but, progress

Ok ! So right now, I'm sure I do pass the right parameters to my shaders !

Thanks to this magic of alignas that I don't understand.

The fragment shader have for every pixel of the window an associated complex number that will be used to compute the mandelbrot fractal.

But that's for tomorrow. I need to sleep !

OK I lied, I just added keyboard control of the parameters :
- center of the fractal
- zoom level

now sleep

OK, back to work, here just a simple threshold but we can already see a fun little shape !

Now I have to check how to draw a Mandelbrot set in fact I have no precise idea of how to do this :')

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