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If you have the means and inclination, you can support us here:

Otherwise, just keep on inspiring the :fediverse: with your amazing art! Thank you!

@Curator btw, if you're into discord (and didn't know), kofi has a discord server =)

@melindrea we have a discord server too! :D

@Curator You should set memberships up on that Kofi so we can donate regularly!

@VJ First: Thank you!
Second: It's not already? It should be on 'simple monthly donations (no tiers)'...

@Curator Ah, I must have missed it - other creatives on KoFi have a "membership" tab. But I guess you usually get rewards for joining those. Obviously a different use case! And thanks for being an amazingly responsive admin. I don't think I've been in a web community with such good moderation & I've been around for a good few decades, now (old enough to describe Discord as "a bit like IRC 😂 )

@VJ Hah, yeah, I remember IRC. Also sneakily checking message boards and news groups from school computers XD

Will make you feel old 

@Curator it still exists - it was actually the first place I went when the birdsite was bought as everyone was fleeing here!

@Curator I've joined for a quid, but I hope to go up to £4 once things are a bit better financially.

@Curator was the old PayPal link not good anymore? I donated to it a couple days ago... (:3

@CaptainHanyuu It's still good! Some people prefer KoFi, it has less fees :)

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