General advice for people coming over from Twitter and Instagram regarding hashtags:

Hashtags are a useful and important tool here. Clicking on a hashtag will show you results from across different servers, so they're important for federating content and finding people.

There's no need to have loads of tags on your post like Insta to try to catch more engagement, but also you won't be punished for using tags like Twitter.


Using one general tag (like # MastoArt or Photography)and 1-2 topic-specific tags (like # blender3d or krita) on your posts is enough.

We specifically don't like you using tags that don't belong on your content in order to try to get more views; that's not how mastodon works. If people click a caturday tag, they want to see cats.

We also have more granular tags that serve specific functions, like the tag is only for art directly related to those prompts.


@Dariyue I know it's a load of info to get bombarded with at once in just a few days, but you'll fall into it once you've been here a while and start picking things up ^.^

@Curator Wait Twitter punishes one when using tags? How so? :o

@kanrei I'm not exactly sure, I've just seen people mentioning it - it's some icky thing in their algorithm, like if you use too many tags, or if you use the 'wrong' tags somehow.

@Curator @kanrei I can explain this! Twitter boosts tweets with new #, but it's more likely to hide tweets with old # (old being "more than one day"). So unless it's a trending hashtag, it's more useful there to use key words that can be easily search or linked to certain topics by Twitter itself than hashtags.
At least this is the main problem.

@Curator XD Yeah I twitter. Unlike many new people, I didn't exactly flee from Twitter. More like giving Mastodon a new chance, because I had an account on another instance, but didn't really get into it. X3 Now being on this instance I enjoy Mastodon a lot.

@Curator Even if I wanted to flee, I just saw maybe 3-4 people whom I follow going to Mastodon. (Found some more artist, I knew too.)
So yeah Twitter still lets me connect to many artists and let me discover new ones.

@Curator :3 But yeah I hope Mastodon gets more popular. Would be really nice.

@kanrei @Curator
That is the thing that people running from twitter need to get use too. is not the only instance of the fedverse (nor is it the largest instance), far from it.
And with that come the fact that you can move for another instance, something that Mastodon does make rather easy.

@Lollyland @Curator Ah thanks for the explanation. I didn't know that. So yeah better not use hashtags then. I really need to learn how to use the different social medias properly.

@kanrei @Curator you're welcome!
Sometimes they're useful, but it's easier to just use key words than trying to guess when it's gonna help.

@kanrei @Curator Twitter will indeed demote posts that have hashtags in them.

The only reason to ever use hashtags in twitter is for trends, but things like are never trending on twitter, trends are just for specific unique things and not wide categories.

@Curator Fantastic. I hate the hashtag spam on Instagram. All it does is to feed the bots.

@Curator I had no idea hashtags here were across...all the servers.

@RebekahWSD Yeah! Well - across all the federated servers :) You won't see results from instances we've blocked, or who have blocked us.

@Curator Still very good to know my cat photos see more than just social!

@Curator Kitties are deeply important and good, so they tell me every single day! <3

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