Some stats for the past month, but almost all of these numbers are just from last Monday :D

To note, before Monday, we didn't even appear on that top active servers list.

@Curator I hope it's not causing you any trouble aside from server upgrades?

@hyperlinkyourheart Nah :) Had six fediblocks to do yesterday morning which is a lot more than normal (usually maybe one a week) but otherwise it's been fine! Huge uptick in activity which is pretty awesome, I don't have to search for properly captioned art to post now, there's an ocean of it to choose from :D The only accounts I've had to ban were a couple of NFT ones :D

@Curator interesting, I wonder if there's a correlation between being artists/creators and hating musk..

@rootadmin @Curator he advertises bitcoin and we hate nfts so i think there might

@rootadmin @Curator Understandable. I'm an aspiring author and when he said he wanted to make Twitter a "free speech" website, I was thinking "Well, fuck this shit."

@Curator Just shows how important a social media related to art is to people

Amazing, keep it up! Love this instance, I discovered lots of cool artists here.

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