We (people on Masto) typically content warn things that might be upsetting or challenging for other users to look at. A few of things commonly hidden here might surprise you!

*Eye Contact (from people-photos, animals, and art)
*Food (food discussion, and food images, real or art)
*Caps (shouting in all-caps)
*Common phobia things like trypophobia
*Discussion of politics

Be kind, be gentle, be considerate :bear_hugs:

^ An important addition to the above:

Mastodon supports GIFs in the timeline, and they auto-play. It's very *very* important that if your GIF has anything even remotely flashing or strobing or glitchy, you put it behind a content warning.

If in doubt at all, just shove it behind a content warning to be safe <3

@Curator Oh damn it, I forgot about the eye contact thing with the avatar I had until now 😬 changed it.

@Curator interesting. could you clarify whats meant by *discussion of politics?

would this be fall under this: ?

@newhistoricform No that's fine! I mean people ranting about what political leaders are up to and stuff, groaning about the state of the government. More long-winded things. ^.^

@Curator despite not liking eye contact myself it never occurred to me to CW it myself, thanks!

@Curator Okay but as an Autistic system the eye contact this is like, SUPER appreciated and not something we've ever seen on other sites. :v

Not sure what else to say here. ^^;

@Rusanya_Collective @Curator Had similar thought when I firs came here.

Just so nice to get to choose when to have eyes staring at me.

@Rusanya_Collective @Curator the eye contact one confused me, thanks for the info as to why it’s important

@Curator Thanks so much for these tips! I had seen content warnings on some pet pics and wondered why. Now I understand it was for eye contact.

@Curator is there more that should be listed? I would like to expand my manual in this regard.

@Tealk Anything NSFW, violence, gore, horror, knives (and talk thereof), anything upsetting like abuse or mistreatment. If you do post something that someone feels should have been CW-ed you'll probably get a mention asking you if you could re-post with a CW, so as long as you're open to that, it's cool ^.^

@Curator I would base that on how much conversation has gone into it, I'm not a fan of destroying contexts.

@Curator I first had to look up what trypophobia is, I think I linked that in the manual too xD

@Curator @Tealk Thank you for clarifying the “talk thereof.” One question, though. If I’m talking about a book and have a say it has a content warning of graphic sex and violence, because I said that, does it need the veil?

@Curator so eye contact through a photo bugs people out? Okay good to know.

@Curator Thanks for making me aware of this. I will do my best to keep these in mind in my future posts.

@Curator another one not to forget is spoilers!! I've been seeing folks coming from Twitter tagging their posts with #/____spoilers but not hiding the image/CWing it. It's so much easier and nicer for folks to click through a CW in regards to spoilers rather than having to hide a hashtag of every piece of media they're into but don't want to get spoiled on. ^^

@Rheall This is one of my favorite features of Mastodon so far.

cw: basically all of the above 


@Curator and please don't forget to CW anything with flashing lights!

@nuala Absolutely - I've only seen one very strobey gif come accross .art's local timeline but I was very quick to drop them a DM, hehe. I'll make a specific post about that too because that's a good one :)

flashing gif of an exploding house 

@Curator like this? i'm new to mastodon and still super rubbish at 2d animating 😆

flashing gif of an exploding house 

@tantedante Ah yeah, I would hide that one just because it has a sudden bright light, and explain in the CW that that's why you're hiding it :)

flashing gif of an exploding house 

@Curator is there a proper term i should use in the CW? like one that people with epilepsie look out for? also i think i hid it? at least it is blurry on my side and says "sensitive content"... still figuring stuff out ^^° also how can i see the image description of pictures?

flashing gif of an exploding house 

@tantedante You can just say it has a bright light in it, that's fine - but the term is photosensitivity warning :)

I think you're on the web client, so you can just over over images to see image descriptions ^.^

@Curator At least on the web client but probably others as well, the auto-play can be disabled in your Preferences, which I highly recommend doing if you have any sort of photosensitivity or find motion distracting. If you disable autoplay, you can still view the animations by hovering over them or clicking them.

Sadly there's no way to disable the hover animations so that you have to click to view animations AFAIK ):

@Snuggle Very ok :D A lot of people don't like eye contact in avatars but yours is sized such that your face is smaller and your eyes not so noticeable so it doesn't' feel like 'staring' at all. ^.^

@Curator This is not entirely correct! There's a setting you can disable (or that might be disabled by default) under Appearance to auto-play gifs. Then things won't autoplay.

@samwightt Ah yeah - the default behaviour is autoplay though and I guess it'll be on for most of the new people. I should have mentioned the ability to turn that off though XD

@SusieMu45 Yeah - you'll gradually pick it up as you see what people are posting and how they're posting them :)

@Curator I am pleased to see this list, there are several things on here I can be better about. Thank you for the info!

@Curator Thank you for this I hadn’t considered some of these! 💖

@Curator So delete avatar, pictures of people from behind or with eyes closed only, no pics of food (well at least nobody will be posting pictures of their lunch 😟) no discussion of food (is the word food allowed?), no mention of politics (oops just mentioned politics) no reference to irregular patterns or pictures that may contain irregular patterns or bumps, no capital letters except when used grammatically, no pictures of animals except from behind or with closed eyes?

@Curator I'm really confused. EU Commission has an account on here, there are thousands if not millions of pictures of cats featuring their actual eyes ! I've read a post about creating vegan meat that was promoted and someone wrote a lovely post about gardening featuring soil and seed heads. Will these be taken down or warned about content? I'm assuming you have rules about pornography, violence, abuse and religion but you haven't mentioned them?

@GizmoWalpole @Curator these are just guidelines, not hard rules. generally if you see something that you think should be behind a CW, you politely tell the person who posted it. And if someone asks you to CW something, it is polite to do that from then on.

E.g. I post a lot of photos of spiders and other bugs many people have phobias of, so I mark those sensitive. I also try to CW talk of food and alcohol, as I have friends who have eating disorders or are sober and would rather skip that stuff. It's not mandatory but it's just a nice thing to do.

However many servers DO have hard rules about posting NSFW images without CWs!

@nev @GizmoWalpole like ours, which are covered in our server code of conduct from the /about page. 😁

@Curator @nev

Thank you I'll read the code of conduct, perhaps I should've done that before coming on here. Sorry for offence already caused.

@GizmoWalpole @nev I also see you're on, which is an entirely different community, managed by different people, than the one I run at :) It'll have its own set of rules, and they'll probably be slightly different from ours - it'll also have a slightly different 'culture' because of that.

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