Our server rules have been updated to include no NFTs:

"No NFTs! NFTs are not about art - they're about money. There are crypto-related instances on the fediverse that would be more suitable. "

Existing NFT creators (there are very very few here) can stay, but will probably feel more at home and reach a bigger audience on a crypto-focused instance where people actually want to see that content.

@Curator NFTs are wrong in so many ways.

If you want to invest in tradable tokens with no intrinsic value that have weird and questionable art on them, I've got a better three letter acronym for you:


@hsurkemper The art attached to an NFT is there not for the purpose of the art, it's there to provide a visual representation of the token to make people more likely to buy a tiny bit of data on a server somewhere. Without the art, people would see how absolutely inane registering ownership of a bit of space on a server is. NFTs are not about art. They are about money.

@Curator I wish I where part of a group of digital artists who want do create good art and be able to live from it. 💶🖼
Can you recommend an instance? Serious question.

@hsurkemper Well, this one. Plenty of digital artists here who are making a living from it. If you want to make a living from crypto, there are crypto instances - I don't know what they are, but you can probably search for 'mastodon crypto instance" on the web and find some :)

@Curator @hsurkemper art is about money. Everything is about money. Only those that don’t need money create art without the stray thought of the ability to monetize entering their mind and thus influencing their work. But who wants to have a Bezo or Musk original lol

@Curator this is nonsense. NFTs are so apart of art. Back in the day an artist might have a patron to give them money to continue to producing art with the right for the patron to buy it before anyone else. An NFT is essential the same concept. It’s proof you believed in the artist at a certain point in time to give them money for an piece of work. That “status” is what art collectors/dealers care about

@pinkdogfan Patrons bought art that was, at that time, incredibly unique with very few if any reproductions because of the time and skill involved. There was only one copy. The art involved with NFTs can be copied and shared ad infinitum - it is not at all unique. The unique thing is the tiny bit of space on the server you're buying. The art connected to it is just something to give it a visual representation in place of the designated number on the blockchain.

@pinkdogfan True art patrons still exist. Art patronism still exists. People still support artists financially without buying specific pieces of art. The concept is not being promoted or helped or brought back to life by NFTs.

@Curator yes it is and NFTs remove the physical consumption of finite goods per piece of art. Say you are a digital artist and have a work you are proud of. You could print it out on some material and waste resources transporting it or you could be above such needless waste of resources and instead offer the ability for patrons to buy an NFT as a sign of support. NFTs are essential another form of

@pinkdogfan @Curator No, it is a completly different concept. NFTs have no substance and no connection with the art. They only contain a link, that may or may not contain a copy of an artwork. There is no legal connection between an NFT and the artwork or the artist. I can mint an NFT to any random art without having created it. As a result, "owning" an NFT gives me no legal rights towards the connected artwork. The connection is completely imaginary. NFTs are not about art. They are about money.

@till @Curator right but everyone is imaginary. We place authenticity value in what we think is important. Yes, you could make an NFT of something you don’t own. But how much attention will that get?

@till @Curator okay so by that logic why bother contributing to someone’s Patreon instead of just waiting for it to be pirated. Heck, why bother paying for anything digitally when you can just pirate it. NFTs are a way for artist to find patrons to financially support them but also to let said patrons sell their badges of support later when the artist becomes famous. Just like how buying early artists works can be lucrative.

@pinkdogfan @Curator "An NFT is proof you believed in the artist to give them movey for a piece of work"

My friend, you are describing what we in the digital art community call "Commissions".

@ItsMeChrisWade @Curator no, a commission is paying someone for a request. This is an artist creating what they want and if someone likes it and wants to support it they can. They also then have the proof of supporting it that they can either display or sell to others.

@pinkdogfan @Curator

You are now describing a a regular point-of-sale for artists, a regular auction and a receipt of sale, things that NFTs have neither revolutionized, nor solve as problems plaguing digital artists, my friend.

Serious question: Have you been to an anime convention before? It is VERY common among them to do exactly what you describe, physically and digitally.

@Curator Like I needed another reason to love this place.

@Curator reminds me when my mum didn't want to open a Facebook account :02smug:

Worse than that - they're about profiting *unscrupulously*. Give us your commission blurb and shop links, keep the NFTs.

@Curator Thank you!!! :artpeek: makes me feel much more comfortable + cozy here knowing I don't have to worry as much about NFTs invading my favorite art space jfmddv ❤️

@Curator THANK YOU!!!! I had problems with people stealing my 3D models to sell as NFTs some time ago, so I really appreciate this! Thank you so much! :bear_hugs: :bob_ross:

@Curator I love how crypto bros are essentially quarantined on here!

@Curator good to hear your perspective.. I don't know much about NFTs but the few I've seen def did not look like serious art (not even passionate/technically not so great art!).. so I was a bit confused/bemused!

@cohanf @Curator Hey Cohan, NFTs are confusing by design to trick people into thinking they're valuable. The actual NFT isn't even the terrible art you saw, it's the link pointing to said terrible art on that particular server.

@Curator interesting replies to this rule. It might sound philosophical to discuss if an #NFT is #art or #money or just a #hype. With this rule its not philosophical but very pragmatic and clear 👏

@Curator I appreciate this a lot. I always get NFT messages on my social media DMs and it'a frustrating. Cryptobros follow me and it's always been a hassle to block them one by one knowing that my artworks are going to end up on minting sites. This is a huge relief.

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