On the difference between Mastodon and Fediverse!

Mastodon is an open source social media platform that anyone can install and run on their own server to host their own communities like .art.

Fediverse is a contraction of Federated Universe. This is used as a catch-all term to include sites running software that can federate (communicate). They usually all run a thing called ActivityPub, which is the magic that lets them talk to each other.


Whereas Mastodon is a social media / microblogging platform, there are other federated sites that offer different uses.

: like YouTube, an open source replacement for video hosting
: Like SoundCloud, for music
: Like Goodreads
: like Instagram, offers image galleries

All of these, including Masto, can talk to each other - so you can create an account on a Bookwyrm instance to keep track of your reading, and people on Masto can follow it! 🤯

@Curator I hadn’t heard of the broader fediverse before now - thank you! Very cool.

@e4 It's great! Depending what instance you end up on (as with masto, different people host their own), you might need to manually add book info for whatever you're reading - but that's fun too :D

@Curator sweet! Thank you. I'm trying out pixelfed too

@Curator I’m new to masto so this is super interesting to find out! Could you maybe provide a link on how to get this setup for a n00b?

@Curator yes that’s correct. How to have accounts across these services, how to link them together or find people to follow across the services. J

@breakingvalhalla Just like you chose to have your mastodon account on, all of the different components of the fediverse (bookwyrm, funkwhale, etc) have their own servers run by individuals. You'll have to find one that you like and create an account there. The only way to 'link' them is to put the URLs of your accounts in your profiles, and if you for example post a piece of music to your funkwhale account, you can boost it from your masto account

@Curator wow cool. I like this federated approach so much better. I hated getting lost in the algorithm.

@starchild It's nice knowing that there's no hidden code that might not be showing you everything from people you follow, trying to decide what content to show you first, etc. It's 100% content all the time.

@Curator #bookwyrm sounds awesome as hell I'm definitely gonna have to look into it

@Curator #Bookwyrm sounds intriguing 👀 I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for mentioning it!

@Curator Thanks for that! I was aware of #PeerTube, but not the others.

I was most surprised to see #FunkWhale. I mean... A+ on the name alone, but I'm definitely headed there next. =D

@Rasgueado @Curator Yeah. #Funkwhale is awesome. They also have an interesting vision to provide an #decentralized way for people to find and follow #podcasts. An important goal imo in this time of #Spotify trying to to turn a pretty open platform into a centralized, proprietary one (much like how #Google did with #Email)

@Curator funkwhale seems like it's for bands self-publishing, right?

@MrsMouse And individuals! I'm on there to post my musical bits and bobs on occasion :)

@Curator Very informative, thanks! Does that mean that all platforms of the fediverse are open source?

@michaelseraph Generally yes, I think all the main ones are, but I wouldn't like to say definitely absolutely yes just in case XD

@Curator BTW I love peertube, but running it takes big disks. I will probably set up a bookwyrm soonish. I've been eyeing pixelfed since before it actually supported federation so might set that up soon

@msmouse Yeah, I think I saw recently that Pixelfed is still early dev unstable-ish but starting to get okay for people to run their own if they kinda know what they're doing. And yeah I imagine peertube is a bit wild on disk space :O

@Curator I wonder if a federated version of DeviantArt/FurAffinity exists. MediaGoblin?

@Curator Goooood! :clapping: This seems indeed a bit unclear still :blobcatgiggle:

@Curator :blobcatgiggle:​ I'm so busy with soo many things I dont even have the time to send out some explain toots :catblush::blobblush:​ Glad you do it! ❤️ thanks :cat_hug_triangle:

@stux I find it hard to explain to people who are unfamiliar sometimes too! I compare the federation aspect to email though. @Curator

@calculsoberic @stux I've been explaining instances like houses; you live in your house, you can visit other people's houses and they can visit yours, but if you want to see what goes on all the time in someone else's house, you have to live there, and it's fine to live in multiple houses ^.^

@Curator I had no idea about this! Thank you so much. It clears things up a lot!

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