Something to consider when posting hashtags:

For people using screen readers, they know when to separate words either by spaces, or uppercase letters. 'mastoart' will try to be pronounced as one word, whereas 'MastoArt' will be pronounced as 'Masto Art'. It just makes life a little bit easier for those who rely on screen readers to interact with the fediverse :bear_hugs:

Genuinely so good to see all your posts popping up about accessibility! This stuff is what I live and breathe at work and grumble at people about offline, so it’s refreshing as hell to see it made a priority in a socmed setting!

@AmaBagins ☺️ I think it's going to take a bit of adjustment for people coming over from other social sites to get into these habits, it's not stuff that really comes up ever elsewhere (sadly) but they are good ones to get into.

@Curator been trying to get people to do that on the birdplace for so long, but accessibility seems to be built in better here, maybe people will be more responsive.

@Liveotherwise There's also an established community here who have been doing this stuff since 2017, so the newcomers are entering a place where these practices are common and expected, which I think will make it easier to adjust to :)

@Curator wish I had found your instance when I first explored in 2017, but at least I've seen it now

@Curator Ah, that's good to know! Will keep it in mind from now on. Thank you for all the great and helpful input you've been posting! It really helps newcomers like me a lot.

@Curator oOOH thank you :0 I did not actually know that

@Curator i didnt know that!! thank you ill capitalize my tags from now on!

@Curator this is why I love mastodon, I always learn something new that actively helps people

@Curator Thank so much for letting us know! I will keep in mind when posting.

@Curator did not know that about screen readers. Thanks for the tip. I’ve been trying my best to remember about screen readers and adding alt text (seriously learned about the feature super late on Twitter so it’s starting to become a habit now here)

@vincent404 It's been a feature on masto for a few years now, so longer than Twitter, and people here are more used to it, which I think will make it easier for new people to join in with since it's an established culture here. It definitely takes forming a new habit though :D


The key thing for me was to understand that they aren't case sensitive - so a search for will also find . I prefer the title-caps visually as well, but would use the tag as presented by the pop-up, thinking I needed to match it exactly.

I am happy to discover otherwise.

@TerryHancock @Curator I prefer the CamelCase words too. Thanks for verifying this.

@Curator I didn't know this! Thank you, I'll do it right next time.

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