Current server costs are 280 EUR a month. :O

If you can help, it would be very much appreciated, especially considering we will probably need to upgrade again going forward to cater to new users coming over from birbsite.

.ART runs entirely on community funding. There are not and will never be ads, and everything is moderated and managed by real people. <3

@Curator it could help if perhaps you could tell us sometimes how many people are here on the server so that we get an idea if what would be necessary if everyone gave a little. This way we get a better imagination of the dimensions of both people and donation need per member😊

@uddelhexe_ Well, you can look on the .art about page > there's a general figure up the top (it increments in values of 100, so for around 16,100 it'll show 16.1k, etc). ^.^

@Curator thanks for the info. I am very new here and stull have to find where everything is.

@Curator wow... for perspective, the .art server costs in a MONTH what my 10-user server with very little media usage would cost in almost FIVE YEARS (about 56 months, to be more precise). And given that there is a much, much more than 56 times difference in user numbers and traffic, arguably the larger server is more efficient in an economy of scale kind of way. And this is just server costs that doesn't even get into the labor of moderation.

@Curator I can't offer much because I am in a bit of a job-rut right now, but I did just set up a small recurring donation via librapay. Thanks for all of the hard work you're doing <3

@Curator Sorry, can't do anything atm, since I'm under sanctions. 😆 But I'll boost this post, maybe my friends will be able to lend a hand. You're doing an amazing job!

@SeventhMagpie Oh gosh no, you've got far more important things to worry about over there!! Don't worry <3 Thank you!

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