Media descriptions are a hard thing to get a handle on, and it's a new habit to get into.

You can follow @PleaseCaption who will yell at you whenever you forget to describe your media - it's a big help!

How to describe:
*Include the media and style ("a rough black ink sketch")
*Include the subject ("...of a woman in a field")
*Include the mood ("she looks happy and the scene is peaceful").

Tell the story of your image to someone who can't see it. :frida_y_animalitos:

@PleaseCaption saved me so many times when I was posting in a hurry. easily one of the most helpful bots in fediverse. :)

@eylul yeah - I hate getting yelled at so it was a very fast and effective habit-former for me XD

@Curator @PleaseCaption thank you for this guidance!!! this is something i’ve overlooked a LOT in the past and having a brief overview of what to include really helps!! I totally neglected media and style this time around, taking notes!

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