PSA for new users!

If you've come here to build a community/following around your creations, there are two things that will hugely help your work get seen:

1) Hashtags. People use them here. The most common for art are .

2) Image descriptions. It's increasingly common that people won't boost (retweet) media that doesn't have an image description. It's also just generally nice and good practice in terms of accessibility. :bear_hugs:

@2xx04 Yep! One nice feature masto has is if you start typing in a hashtag, it'll show you how many uses it's had in the past week, which can help you gauge which tags are popular ^.^

@Curator Oh jeez It's masto. I'm using pleroma ...

@2xx04 Ah! I don't know if that has the same thing, I've never used it :(

@Curator it's pretty barebones. but like, I'm fine with it. I use it for one thing only.

now i wish mastodon had an inbuilt bookmark section haha…

@Curator how do we find the description on the picture someone posted? I'm currently browsing on my mobile phone.

@Nubblycious On phone apps, I think if you long-press on the image it should pop up the description :)

@Curator thank you! Scrolling through the informational posts and already feeling very welcome.

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