Some general 'best practices' for new Masto users! :mastoart:

As our rules state, any art that's adult/NSFW/sexual/violent etc. in nature needs to be hidden behind a content warning (the 'CW' button beneath the toot window) or with the media marked as sensitive (you'll see this option after adding media to your toot). It's not enough to just hide the media, though - you have to say *why* it's content warned, otherwise users can't make an informed decision on whether to click or not.



The Mastoverse at large has many blind and partially sighted users who would still love to engage with your creative content!

We strongly encourage use of image alt text to describe the images and videos you upload, and a lot of people won't boost ('retweet') content with no alt text.

After adding an image or video to your toot, you can click 'Edit' on the media to enter a description.

Media that doesn't have alt text will have a little blue dashed border around it in the feed.

As well as CWing NSFW images, people also content warn things that could be triggering or cause anxiety - most commonly faces, especially if there's eye contact, but also anything related to phobias, like bugs or holes.

Be kind, be conscientious, be compassionate. If in doubt, add a content warning. Remember that you are interacting with a hugely diverse community. <3

@Curator A quick question! When I joined, I think I read in the guidelines that, besides marking the image as sensitive, to warn users about the image content you could use either the CW, or descriptive tags enumerating those things that could be triggering. Is that information accurate? Or is it better to always use the CW, even if you use descriptive tags? I may have misunderstood the guidelines, and I really want to make this right :)

@mardelvallearts Hi! Descriptive tags are fine if the media is marked as sensitive; basically, 'mark media as sensitive' shows a blurred image that the user has to click on to see, and 'content warning' hides everything under a drop-down; so both ways hide the media, and *any* way of describing the content warning is fine as long as you're giving people enough info to make an informed decision as to whether or not to view the media ^.^

if anything, please let's make that trend to #introduction, #neuhier, and whatever else. :mastolove:

@freeplay @thatonecalculator I know, but sometimes I don't word good :D I do make an effort to say fediverse but sometimes mastoverse just comes out, hehe. But... I'm on Misskey, many others are too, or Friendica, or Pleroma, etc etc etc. I've had a user complain to me that the official Mastodon app wasn't working with my instance because they thought the Fediverse was only Mastodon. Using terms like "mastoverse" does set a bad precedent compared to "Fediverse", especially from a larger and trusted account like yours.


I've since made this, which more accurately explains the differences.

As I just replied on the other account, sometimes my brain fails me ;p Lovely!!!

I think (in the future) it's also good to mention there's other microblogging services too :D I wonder if one day we could get a one can dream ​:retsuko_daydream:​

@Curator I'm a fan of the alt text as a sighted person. I've seen many people describe the image and provide context for people who are unfamiliar with the artist, or game that that image might come from.

It can be a great complement to the image and to the toot itself, when you need more characters than allowed.

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