Little reminder to add alt-text to your images/videos when you post them! The fediverse has a lot of blind and partially sighted users who'd still like to participate - and if you need even more incentive, a lot of users won't boost media that doesn't have alt text, so if you want more eyeballs on your amazing creations, get on that alt text :D :D

(If you're low on spoons, you can always add a request for someone else to add alt-text to your toot, a lot of people are happy to do it ^.^)


There are also some ocr bots out there you can tag into a thread to help.

@RussSharek Yeah, I almost mentioned OCR bots but then realised most of the stuff I see un-alt-texted is straight artwork with no text so they won't be useful XD

@Curator Wait. You can add alt text to someone else's toot????

@Ricardus sadly no.

what you can do is either:
- reply to a post with the same image but with alt text (might offend the original poster, especially if it's their own art)
- message the poster with your alt text and hope they remake their post

myself and some friends will post a "hey I need help describing an image, please message me" and work it out via dms, but I dunno if that's standard practice on mastodon, lol

@Curator also a lot of fediverse users will not boost images without descriptions for these reasons.

@Curator 🤦‍♂️

Yeah ... I ... *sigh* am sometimes distracted

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