Should this be a thing? Let's have a go :D

Use one (or all) of the following prompts to write a small poem, short piece of fiction (~300 words), short compositional piece, or quick artwork.

* This turned out to be untrue
* An assortment of terrors
* Extinction of shadows

Have fun! :D :frida_y_animalitos:


At the end of the night
The day turned to light
Capitalists quit
and banks went to shit
The end of an age
Full of hatred and rage
People happily farted
Had the day really started?
But as it turned out
There was a no light about
Not a shimmer comes peeping
We are still just all sleeping.


@Curator It's a post-election morning... The requirements seem on topic.

As I stepped on the floor
Opened soon
An abismal hole
And in a blink of a star
I was engulfed in light
Where am I?
Who am I?
What is this
Extinction of shadows?

The people are gone
And my sight was undone
It's the extinction of shadows
All I can see is light
All I can see is light

(I never write in english but this was a rather sweet prompt c:)


We’ve come a long way, you and I
Were it not for me, you would die
I know I always put you to the test
Always keep you in a state of unrest
But as the shadows extend their reach
Who better than but me to teach
The dangers of the siren’s song
For when the darkness grows long
Truth is masked and horror is near
Who better to befriend than fear?

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