exercise! Sketch one (or all) of the below images, but only give yourself two minutes per image. Then share your results! :D

Art is about practice and repetition, but we don't always have time to work on something for long periods. Being able to steal a couple of minutes here and there to jot something down is invaluable, and the more you do it, the better you'll get at it, which will improve your overall art!

(Sources in next toot)

Clarification - 30 minutes to work on a piece, not 30 minutes track length :D :D

@Curator Didn't know if you meant 200 words total or per scene, but I guess either is good as long as something comes out of it.


@aaribaud Oooh, I love how you've connected all the scenes! And generated lots of intrigue with what's going on, in such a short space :D Good stuff!

@Curator Thanks! It has been quite fun to rush and write it. :)

did you mean 30 minutes (that's a lot of music) ... ?

@js0000 30 minutes to work on a piece, not 30 minutes entire track time :D

or maybe you meant "don't spend more than 30 minutes working on it" ... ?

(easily flummoxed by language)

@js0000 ^ This! I've added a clarification under the original toot :D

thank you

it's likely only me with this misunderstanding ...

although it *is* intriguing to think about (an image that could "generate" 30 mins of music)

will try to rein in my reading interpretations

@js0000 You're not alone there (in less than either 4x50 or 4x200 words 😛 @Curator)

@aaribaud @js0000 Hah, yeah :D I quite liked your 50 words each though so I may stick to that for next time!

@Curator Here is my composer music challenge :D I spent 50 mins on this, so over the suggested 30! It's based on the four pictures. Two pictures looked happy, and two were more dramatic so I went for a chord progression with two minors and two majors (vi-ii-V-I which is common), just repeated over. I wanted a dance-y rhythm, as I thought the person could be a dancer, I'm not sure that worked out. I tried to make the rhythm track sound like summer insects, for the summer picture.

@Curator It was great fun to do this on a weekday before work :) I tend to only do music at weekends usually !

@loveisanalogue Yaaaaay! I'm so happy someone did some music for this, I'm trying to be inclusive of more than just the visual artists so this is great :D :D Thank you! And I love the track too ^.^

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