Let's have a Musical Tuesday 🎼 🎵 🎶

Are you a creator? Link your tracks, your Soundclouds, your Bandcamps, your everything else's! Share your audio goodness :D

@Curator We are a decentralised trans, disabled & queer as fuck band that delves into the stories & lives of marginalised people & groups

Yelling against the false narrative that society perpetually feeds to people they don't care about

Standing against false inclusion, sexism, racism, LGBTQIAphobia & many of those "fun" things we experience on a day to day basis

Our first single is out, with an album currently in the works

Support is from fans, not advertising

@Curator We forgot to say our socials are on mastodon, Pixelfed & bandcamp. links are int the profile
We are currently waiting on word of registration for as well

Also our website: which has every link & is updated often with new links

@Curator We are also currently on the look out for an artist to work with. A paid gig to do the cover for the album

The album's planned to be released on CD. How fantastic

But the artist we would like to work with HAS to fall under at least one of these:
* female identifying
* disabled

No straight whites dudes, please

We want to work with talent that hasn't had this chance before. There is enough time given to the wrong people

Time for change & give others a chance

Hi @eruers !

If by any chance you all would want something in Pen&Ink; I'd be happy to make something for your band.

See if you like what's on my 'media tab'. Or have a look at my Behance gallery. It's a little more organised, but not as current.


@arefgee If it's visual based art, we are interested

We will have a look at your Behance & media tab stuff

@eruers @Curator

Might be worth giving a shout on the mailing list for

They work with a wide range of disabled artists based in East London. :D

Their live events are excellent. :D

@BillySmith @Curator Thank you very much, Billy. That's really helpful. We'll give them a scout & have a wee look-see

@eruers @Curator

Happy to help. :D

Ju Gosling is the organiser.

They also do collaborations with Drake Music,

Another group worth talking with. :D

@BillySmith @Curator Awesome. All great & very useful information for us

Again, thank you xxx


mostly dark electronic dance music with no commercial potential.

entire 20+ year catalogue free/donate :cc_sa:

Some visual and live clips etc

Masto art

there is a link inplain site on here for file share of entire library

My commentary that holds up pretty well on my experience fighting corporate aggregaters and ditching corporate socials

stomp in solidarity

@Curator also good timing, friday the 5th is another 100% to the artists day on bandcamp so start scouting who you might like to support and do it on friday.

@Curator im not but my partner is!! he's got some solid progress on two more albums too :3


I released nearly 50 albums (for free) under the name Infocalypse:

Most are either sample-based or built on synthesized components.

@Aramboa bist dabei? 😁

(Wenn du auf dieses Kommentar klickst, siehst du den originalen Post dazu)


Hello @Curator and all the Fediverse, I’m a French musician doing electroneiric songs and faery neofolk. My music is inspired by symbolism, fantasy and aestheticism. I write, compose, record, mix and craft myself the discs that I release in careful and limited editions. Enjoy listening!

@merle @Curator Looking forward to seeing and hearing your work

@Curator My most recent record:

Percussion programming all done in custom software, using ML approaches I've been working on for the last decade or so.

Planning on talking about this software in much more detail this year.

@Curator Not Tuesday anymore but

I think you even boosted this last one I've made!

@Curator !!

I'm working in something new that won't be available for awhile but all I got is available for listening :D

@Curator Just seeing this now, but if you're doing it again I'll be streaming this Tuesday, live at

Also have lots of tracks at 😀

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