Hello to you, on this, the Day of Wednes! :louis_toots_too:

Today I want to see all your yarn/fabric creations! :needle: Give me your crochet, knitting, felting, stitching, sewing, or other woolly clothy goodness! Allow us a glimpse into that most sacred of spaces, the mythical Yarn Stash :O

Share new work or old work!

Other instances always welcome to join in the fun too so please share even if you're not from :mastoart: ·ART ^.^



Gosh, you all seem very shy about sharing your yarnybits :D

Fine, here's some of mine! On the odd occasion when the mood strikes me I like crocheting vintage doily patterns, but with sewing thread in bright colours and a 1.5mm crochet hook. These are all about 40cm diameter.

You can find loads of these patterns for free here:


@Curator Wow! That's beautiful. I especially loved the second and the fourth ones, they look like something right out of a mystic ocean. :)

@Curator I love the autom colored one 😮
I'll share an old one that fits the theme later when I'm done with work :)

@Curator don't know if its just the Yarnheads ... me, I'm just Shy ... and also get way to busy to make enough art.

🧵Ohhhh, sooooo beautiful, so very very beautiful. They should have sent a poet!!

I’ll bounce this right towards my mother, she likes to crochet, occasionally and I trust she will find this useful. Thank you so much for sharing those. They are awesome. 😃

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