How about a ! :louis_toots_too:

Have you made a tutorial you'd like to share? What was the last tutorial you watched that was useful, that helped you and that you learned something from?


I'm a little bit obsessed with drawing acanthus leaves and still can't draw them as well as I'd like, but I keep practicing! Here are a few tutorials I've found that explain how to draw them: (this is a massive 386 page book from 1886 all about drawing acanthus and other ornaments!)

Happy acanthus-ing :D

@Curator I've recently read a few guides on Twitter which I've found helpful!

How to avoid same-face-syndrome:

Drawing East Asian Faces tutorial:

Not art-specific but general tutorial on black hair:


Here's an abridged version of my "Joy of Failure" clown theater workshop!

It was created for a youth theater festival, and afterwards I released it under a license:

Possibly useful stuff to all creatives that the video covers:

A visceral, hands-on understanding of how tension is the enemy of creativity.

Techniques for becoming more in the moment with the creative process..

Non-adversarial re-framing of the audience/creator relationship.


With most of my work being live theater, I'm basically on the bench right now for pandemic I'm more than happy that something I dd might help.

@RussSharek Yeah, absolutely. Hurrah for online communities and the ability to record, upload, and share things like that ^.^

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