One of the things I'd like to do is to rotate the page header image on a weekly basis with a 'featured :mastoart: artist' image, and accompany that with a pinned toot with the creators' info and links.

I feel like Sunday is a good day to kick that off!

If you'd like your art to be featured, it needs to be 1500x500px, and you can toot it to us with the hashtag ^.^ You can include some info about yourself for us to share, or we'll pull it from your profile. 💜


I also want to contribute to this great idea 👏 with my oil painting from January.

I'm a hobbyist from Bavaria, doing traditional and digital illustrations.

I guess that's enough info :)

@Curator Hi there, I'd love to contribute to .

I'm an artist from Switzerland who loves to draw robots, mushrooms and everything inbetween.

Thank you, I really like it too - also because it's just 5% planning and 95% doodling. Fun to do!

@Curator Great idea :)
I’ll see if I can make something for it.

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