Hello, my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists!

You may have noticed an uptick in activity from the Curator account recently. There's a reason for that! Someone else has been testing the waters… :da_plot:

I'm here today to announce that I (@Rheall), your current admin, am stepping down and handing the reins over to the amazing @welshpixie!

Del/WelshPixie has a longer history with •ART than I do. She's kind, creative, principled, and full of enthusiasm to nurture our amazing creative community. (cont…)

After I submit this toot, this account and the day-to-day running of Mastodon•ART will be in Del's very capable hands. I hope you're all able to welcome her and wish her well! Trust me, she's going to do a fantastic job. ;)

Being •ART's admin for the past two years has been such an amazing experience. I loved doing it, and wouldn't trade it for the world. I'll miss you all! Thankfully, I'll still be on the Fediverse at my personal account (@Rheall)

So much love! Keep being awesome! :bob_ross:

@Curator @Rheall Awesome! Should I say congratulations? 😅 At any rate, I'm glad for both of you; and I think @welshpixie will make a good admin! <3

@Rheall Thanks for all the work you've done over the last years! You've been a fantastic admin/curator!

@Curator Thank you so much for taking this on! It's an amazing thing for the community (and the fediverse in general)

@Curator @Rheall thank you for your service, and best luck with future endeavours! 🙂 best wishes to Del too, I hope you'll have a great time curating this awesome community!

@Curator @Rheall Thank you for all you to to maintain this community - it really is a bright spot on the net.

@Curator @Rheall Thank you Rheall! you've done an amazing job since I first came to this site, and I love this community so much. I look forward to our new Curator. I'm sure @welshpixie will be an equally amazing admin. Cheers!

Thank you for being admin for those years, @Rheall ! And thanks for continuing the work, @welshpixie !

@Curator @Rheall @welshpixie
Thank you for your time and work as admins :) You are making this instance a very pleasant place to share art.

@Curator @Rheall @welshpixie Congrats and thank you for maintaining this wonderful community.

@Curator @Rheall @welshpixie
thank you for the update! I enjoy the activity of the Curator account, it encourages people to interact and share their stories :}

thanks also for being our admin and thank you to @welshpixie for taking over. I can imagine that this is a time consuming task ^^'


Thank you for the highly successful time and effort you have put into the administration and moderation of our community space. Breathe deeply of the fresh air of freedom!

Welcome to you, @welshpixie in the new role. Doodle with it well. Thank you for assuming the job.


@Curator Past,Present and future, Thank you so much for the tireless work! In love with the freedom and positivity and care in this community. Thank you.

@Rheall @welshpixie

Thank you so much for for all the work you've done, Rheall! Managing a community like this must be hard and we appreciate all the work. Best of luck on your endeavors, and to Welsh Pixie, best of luck with your new Curator title! :D

@Curator @Rheall @welshpixie

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