To all our current and long-haul :mastoart:.ARTists and other Mastodonians, if you see a new user, do feel free to send them a friendly hello, a quick comment on their art, or a fave/boost/follow!

Remember how great it felt when people reached out to you when you first joined. :da_love: This is how we create and maintain a welcoming and supportive creative community. :da_w00t:

Take care, everyone! So much love! :make_like_edmonia:

@Curator Excellent advice -- and so scarce in fediverse in general. I have experienced first hand the results of a welcoming instance, and what it can do to new members.

Promoting a vibrant and friendly local timeline is in my view one of the most important jobs for anyone in a staff position.

Things change quickly, and in a few months a nice social climate can evaporate, if not nurtured. Thanks for the post!

@rgx This is definitely something I believe in. People are so used to just throwing their work into the aether on larger social media sites and then waiting for notes/favs, and here we really thrive on actual connections, conversations, and interactions between users.

It's sometimes difficult to relearn those things, especially when you're new. So I like to send friendly reminders now and then. ^^


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