Happy Tuesday, my lovely Masto.ARTists!

Today I have the task of informing you all on some moderation policies we're going to be following in a much stricter sense from now on.

As we know, a very popular Free Open Source art software called the Gnu Image Manipulation Program exists, and its very popular acronym is also an ableist slur.

From now on, we're going to require that when referring to the program, folks use the full name, or the term "Gnu IMP/GnuIMP" instead of the popular acronym.

The Gnu IMP has been around for a very long time, and has long served as a very capable alternative to paid software for many artists and creatives.

However, none of that history excuses the use of an ableist slur as the popular acronym for the program. Our CoC disallows ableist slurs. Even if the slur is used to refer to the program, it doesn't change how damaging that slur has been to people in other contexts.

We have decided from now on to enforce our CoC and disallow the term on .ART.

We understand this may be a difficult change for some folks, but we believe it will result in a safer and more supportive community for as many people as possible.

So from now on, please use either the full name: "Gnu Image Manipulation Program", the shortened form: "Gnu IMP", or at the very least, apply a descriptive Content Warning (CW) to any toots/images that contain the original acronym/slur.

Using the slur in any other context is still not permitted on our instance.

In addition to :gnu_imp: Gnu IMP, there are many other alternative free open source art software out there:

:glimpse: @glimpse (Gnu IMP fork)
:krita: @Krita
:inkscape: @inkscape
:blender: @Blender

If you have any others to recommend, please let us know in the replies! :bob_ross:

Thank you once more for your understanding. Keep being awesome, .ARTists! :make_like_edmonia:

@Curator @glimpse @Krita @inkscape @Blender

The best one I know of is medibang! It's cross platform too, and has layers and awesome brushes. I'll sing it's praises forever.

@Curator Can't say I'm a fan of this one. I can get the rules against using the word against people, but I'm sceptical of censoring words or censorship in general (with some exceptions).

@theremin @Curator

Gimp has lot of meanings, and not only negative ones, like lot of words, banning a word because is is used at a very low frequency as an insult (who hear this word in this meaning before the fork ?) looks very counterproductive for languages :

And... The GIMP Project is a New-York based modern dance project[...]for four professional dancers and four dancers with physical disabilities, who perform integrated dance pieces
@theremin @Curator

On 14 definitions on Wiktionary, only 1 is relative to the slur, and this slur seems to be limited to Video Games slang. This word is used among all it's usage in several arts domains for things without any link with the slur word, Instead the slur is probably a derivative from one of these other meanings, as most of slang words.

I have a lot of other suggestion as very good graphics FLOSS softwares, I like to use lot of times to promote them, but promote openness in a context of something that want to close language and spirit, that's so crazy.

Next time perhaps.
@Curator @theremin
And a last point, GIMP is about 25 years old, one of the oldest if not the oldest free and open sources graphics software still in use today.

Do we know at which time this video game slur appeared...

@popolon @Curator @theremin

I've never heard it used in a derogatory way, and I've heard A LOT as a disabled person myself. To be honest, most people don't even use slurs to try and degrade me. The only one I consistently see used as an intended slur is Autism.

@theremin @Curator Ditto, here I thought it was just a term for those who wear full latex bodysuits for hardcore BDSM play, or fishing line, or twisted silk. I guess we're going off of the Urban Dictionary definitions, despite it going massively downhill in quality over the past few years.

This kind of narrative ain't gonna help people feel comfortable being here, it's actually just going to drive them away, sorry if any disagree with me, but that's usually how it goes.

@theremin @Curator

Agreed, and I'll go further and say that I don't understand why gimp would be considered offensive. I'm disabled, and I've only ever seen people use the word towards themselves. IE I have gimpy legs because my hips always pop out. It's a very odd choice.

I thought, up until right now, that the "ableist slur" referenced above, was a form of kink, vis a vis Pulp Fiction. I looked it up, and I was not completely correct, but is there or is there not a BDSM/kink/fetish thingy that isn't a slur? @Curator

@abbaxi I'm not knowledegable about the kink community and their usage of this term. There is indeed a kink/BDSM related to the word, but that doesn't absolve it of it's ableist and abusive history.

On .ART kink art is required to be hidden under a descriptive content warning/marked sensitive, and posted unlisted if it requires it. This would apply to any kink art that utilizes the slur, though we'd prefer it if people used a different term out of respect for folks affected by it.

@Curator thanks for the follow up. I did some research, and based on your post, am excited to consider building on the work of GLIMPSE, which forked the Gnu I.M.P. project, just to make the name more palatable. The BSD family of operating systems can and do run this code, and their mascot is very "imp" friendly, (a stylized Daemon). I learned something, and got inspired to make the codebase more self-referential and less ableist. Thanks for posting.

@abbaxi @Curator

One more time, as said in

There are lot of definitions far older, still in use and not related at all :
* A narrow ornamental fabric or braid of silk, wool, or cotton, often stiffened with metallic wire or coarse cord running through it, used as trimming for dresses, curtains, furniture, etc. Also guimpe.
* Any coarse or reinforced thread, such as a glazed thread employed in lacemaking to outline designs, or silk thread used as a fishing leader, protected from the bite of fish by a wrapping of fine wire.
* The plastic cord used in the plaiting and knotting craft Scoubidou (lanyard making); or, the process itself.
* (dated, chiefly North Eastern US) Gumption
Synonyms: spirit, ambition, vigor, pep
@abbaxi @Curator
You can also remove all the post that use the words leather, boots, whip, if that's just because this word is also used in bondage.
And I don't speak about the faux-amis (false-friends), in English, with term originated from French, there will be a lot to censor too, as French language generally move as most word as possible to their probable relation to sex or to anything that could help to think about sex.

On the other part, "Glimpse", Inkscape or GNOME, and XFCE, two of the most popular desktop environment on Linux, are based on GTK+ (GIMP tool kit+).

@popolon @Curator

good point.
I used to be a Hindu.
Guess what ?
Correcting people that "no, they're called Ja-tah, not 'dreads', that's a two-hundred year old reaction to colonialism, not a ten thousand year old belief system with accompanying hair" , was about as far as I could get though.

Turns out, it actually DOESN'T matter how you turn it, doesn't matter if it's a symbol from your 10k old religion, Hitler f***d it up for us all. Thanks for the etymology data.

@abbaxi @Curator I sadly know that too :(. Thank you to remember that. As Buddhism (and some other very old religions) is a derivative from Hinduism, the use a lot too. and you can see it in millions of places, temples, houses, in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar etc.

Can we also remember that Mastodon is word created by French naturalist Georges Cuvier, and is used in French to laugh about fat people I am also fat (and received, by friends: elephant, bear, whale) and don’t care, this is light laugh, by people I like/love and that like/love me, and I wouldn’t want to forbid those terms.

Glimpse only take 25 years of work of a very nice team, that always hear others and help. I have some disabilities and use GIMP for more than 20 years.

Glimpse changed the logo and name, continue to use GIMP libs (GTK toolkit, GEGL libs, etc..). I don’t know if it come from them, but I seen lot of fake informations about GIMP in articles around Glimpse like saying GIMP team don’t work on the interface since 2012. What they do since :

They created and integrated their own graphical library GEGL, allowing to manage more bitmap (16 and 32bits integers, floats), and used by other pieces of software too
Integrated MyPaint brushes system
Less visible, they are currently working hard to port the whole software from GTK2+ to GTK3+

The roadmap :

Their work more generally helped a lot Linux to become popular on Desktop with GIMP and the GTK+ interface.

Glimpse is already used by another piece of software since at least 2012 adding to confusion:

GIMP author statement is clear about the name, there is no offence at all:

I truly respect your dedication to keep it discrimination free here, but I'd like to point out that it's more often than not used by us &not as a slur. I use it myself as an easy way to tell people I have issues w/ my joints. Any word can be used w/ malintent, intentions behind them and context matter. W/e your choice, I still very much appreciate this platform! I'd just hate to see it become too strict on mostly innocent things like this. It can genuinely lead to harmful censorship.

@Curator It probably won't be an issue for an art instance, but there is a whole fetish community this policy would impact. It's about extreme bondage. I'm not saying yay or nay, just raising this as a POV for discussion?

@Curator please no defining anddenoting without connoting. we lose all humor and insight when words are killed by being forced, being incarcerated without associative behaviour amongst other words. i am not illiterate but i do not know your term 'ableist slur'?
please dont murder language and turn words into laws chiseled from stone instead of fluid associative media. you can project whatever you think it means but GIMP to me has always been GIMP. no idea what slur that could be?

@Curator Y'know, I often wondered how they came up with that acronym. I always did think it was a little bit "yeeeeshhh..."

Ableist Slur 

@flugennock From Wikipedia:

"The acronym was coined first, with the letter G being added to "IMP" as a reference to "the gimp" in a scene in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction.[6]" (

Ableist Slur 

@Curator @flugennock I believe since English isn't your native language you have misunderstood the usage of the word gimp. It's a leather clad submissive sexual partner. It is not a disable person and is not used in that context in the USA for I don't know 70 years? That's a very early 20th century term that has long since fallen out of usage. The only people who would ever use that term in the USA are the elderly. Your "political correctness" has gone overboard and I'm leaving.

@Curator Why don't they just rename the program entirely? It's not a good name.

@Down10 I'm not an expert, but I do believe this has been suggested and seriously pursued many times over the years, but the developers steadfastly refuse to change the name.

:glimpse: @glimpse is an attempt to change that. :bob_ross:

@Curator Fairly typical. 'Informal North American' whimsy trying to dictate how everyone around the world uses language.

@Curator I've always hated that name, I can't believe I never thought to call it Gnu IMP before now

@hyperlinkyourheart @Curator It also implies that it should be represented by a tiny but mischevious gnu, which would be adorable.


My native language isn't english.

According to wikipedia it is an acronym/word of many meanings in english:

Would someone please explain to my why I can't I use the word anymore? I never used it in an offensive way and it is a common name for the program.

@marionline Ich bin mal so frei und antworte auf deutsch, ich war zuerst nämlich auch etwas verwirrt. Nach etwas googlelei hab ich rausgefunden dass das Wort auch als racial slur verwendet wird/verstanden werden kann. Das ist ähnlich wie wir im deutschen darüber diskutieren das Wort "Moren" und "Neger" zu streichen, auch wenn es für Schokoküsse verwendet wird. Bevor es mit diesen Nahrungsmittel verharmlost wurde, wurden Farbige damit beleidigt oder als weniger Wert "gekenntzeichnet".

@marionline Auch heute werden diese beiden Begriffe noch als Beleidigung gebraucht. Ähnlich ist es bei der Abkürzung des Programms.
Ja, es ist umständlich und aufwendig sich umzugewöhnen an GnuImp wenn es doch die kürzere Version gibt, aber es trägt dazu bei etwas weniger rasisstisch/beleidigend zu sein - es sind kleine Schritte zu einem besseren Miteinander.

@Curator FWIW, Glimpse is also doing a lot of work on the fork to improve the UI, make it less resource-intensive and release a trimmed-down version that only includes the features most users need. It's a good project, beyond just the name improvement.

Once you get out from under the stubborn original development team, there's suddenly a lot more room for improvements.
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